Bose speaker will not connect to SmartThings

(Stephen Edwards) #1

Every time I try and conect my Bose speakers on smart things it does not find it, the speakers are wireless to mt bt router and my smart hub wired

(Dan P Parker) #2

Which model(s) Bose speakers do you have?

I have no idea what this means.

(Stephen Edwards) #3

My Bose 10 speaker will not conect to my SmartThings hub via the app

(Stephen Edwards) #4

I also have a Bose 20 this also does not conect

(Dan P Parker) #5

OK, that’s a start. But I still have no idea what this is supposed to mean:

(Ray) #6

Are you following the steps here?

(Stephen Edwards) #7

Yes I have followed the steps and nothing happens

(Stephen Edwards) #8

This means that I have British telecom router, the Bose speaker is connected to the router via Wi-fi and the SmartThings hut is connected to the same router via lan cable

(Cmin Tang) #9

They have to under same LAN. :blush:

(Stephen Edwards) #10

Bose SoundTouch 10 does not conect via lan only Wi-fi

(Cmin Tang) #11

LAN = Local Area Network…
In your LAN could have wired or wireless connection…
So you may also use Wifi connect to your LAN…

(Stephen Edwards) #12

So if they are all conected to the same router does this count as a lan