Bose Soundtouch unavailable?

I have a Bose Soundtouch 30, and am on SmartThings version 2.9.0
This is the 2nd time that the app says that Bose is unavailable and I can’t do anything with the speaker anymore.
After the 1st time, I deleted the Soundtouch 30 from the app and re-connected it. It worked for a while, but is now back to being “device unavailable”.
When I open the Soundtouch app, I can play music fine and it works.
Is there a fix for Bose integration within SmartThings?
Is there anybody else experiencing this?
Thank you.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: Quite a few people have been reporting devices that previously worked now being unavailable over the last week or so, although I don’t remember anyone else mentioning Bose, so I’m not sure if your situation is related or not . Make sure you report it to to support as they may be able to see something from their side that we had regular customers cannot.