Bose SoundTouch 300 Integration issue

I had my Bose SoundTouch 300 working with Smartthings in the last 18 months and no issues but in last two weeks, the Bose was unavailable in Smartthings all of sudden. I had to remove the Bose and I was trying to connect it again. The Smartthings was not finding the Bose SoundTouch speakers at all.

I thought it could be Bose firmware issues and my firmware was updated from 21.0.13 to 22.0.3. This is the latest version.

I have to work with Bose technical support and the following actions was performed.

  1. Bose factory reset
  2. Manual firmware update
  3. Network reset
  4. Made the Bose IP as static IP in Google WiFi router.
  5. Connected Bose through Ethernet cable
  6. Router, Modem, Smartthings, Bose restarted multiple time.

Finally Bose technical support asked me to work with Smartthings to see if they can figure this out.

I’m reaching out to the community to see if I can find the solution for this problem.

Thanks everyone.

Which ST hub and is it connected by ethernet or wireless? Is the Google WiFi one unit or the three units? If the three units, try connecting the bose speaker to the same unit as the ST hub if using an ethernet connection for it.

I have the ST Hub version 2 and it was connected by Ethernet but my Bose was connected using WiFi. My ST Hub and Bose are not close and I had to use the WiFI. I have the 3 unit Google WiFI router. The whole setup was working fine and never had any issues before.

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I have a similar setup with Bose SoundTouch 300 on wifi with Smartthings HubV2 using the classic app. Since the last 26.12 firmware upgrade to HubV2 it has been acting odd and frequently showing as offline - however it would still work via the device GUI. I did upgrade the 300 to 22.0.3 and it hasn’t made a difference. I was thinking about attempting to drop the device and look again - but this thread has me hesitant. Seems to be more of a ST issue than a Bose 300 issue.

I had a chance to spoke to the ST support team and they are raising a ticket to see if there are anything going with Bose ST 300 system. Please do not remove the Bose from ST until this issue is resolved.

I added the SoundTouch 300 to the router static IP list so the IP wouldn’t drift with the DHCP request. Power Cycled the SoundTouch and then a couple hours later rebooted the HubV2 via the SmartThings portal. I am running the classic app and for the last two days the ST300 has been stable. Don’t know if this ‘fixed’ my issue and still have no plans to reinstall the device.

I add myself here, I have the same setup, same Bose, Smartthings hub and same wifi googgle network. I confirm no problem with fixed ip. Now I ask, what more can you do with Smartthings that you couldn’t before? I still haven’t been able to decide which music to listen to by asking google home. Anyone have any advice for me? I have a Spotify premium account, but with this I can only play music on google home or Echo dot Alexa home, not Bose.