Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link

My ST Hub v3 can not seem to find my Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link. Any suggestions on getting the two talking? I’ve configured the Bose for my home wireless and I’m able to stream music to it (thru it?) to my speaker. I turned BT off on my phone to verify I was making a “wireless” connection from my phone. The Bose is on the same wireless network as my ST hub. The only thing I haven’t tried yet was turning off 5Ghz to see if the two could find each other that way. I did not see any options in the Bose App (SoundTouch) for integration with ST. Is there a step I’ve missed?? The documentation that came with the Bose Wireless Link was worthless.

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I am having the same issue. I will keep waiting to see the responses.

Perhaps someone would share with me the steps they took to get theirs to “pair”, or if someone know that the Bose SoundTouch is no longer compatible with ST’s…

Well Audrey, I was able to get my SoundTouch Wireless Link (STWL) to register with SmartThings. I’m not sure how I did it…
I reset the STWL factor and reconfigured it. ST failed to find it.
I rebooted my STWL while ST was trying to discover it. ST failed to find it.
I played with the mode button on my STWL (until Amber wi-fi showed). ST failed to find it.
Went into Google Home (GH) and saw a “SoundTouch” device!!! It showed that GH had learned it from ST!! Went into SmartThings and the STWL was there!!! I’m not sure when it showed up, but it was there, and I can control the STWL from STs…

Just keep at it and even if ST says it failed to find your STWL, check your devices anyway.

@alsterb Thank you so much. I will be attempting to find *STWL. * Not quiet sure what the stwlis but I am certainly going to find out. Thanks again for answering me.

@alsterb I guess I am not swift on the community page :sweat_smile: I SoundTouch wireless link. Ok I will follow your steps and see what happens