Bosch Motion Sensor (ISW-ZPR1-WP13) : Smartthings v2 hub

Hi @Carlos_Jato @OCSMITH @Burgerking1
It seems that with the v2 hub if it pairs well.

One of the differences between these hubs is that the V2 does not have a radio for the Thread (matter) network, which is on the same channel as the Zigbee network. It can be some kind of interference.

You could try to change the channel of the Zigbee network in the IDE, I don’t know what channel the Hub v2 uses in which this sensor pairs well

Works fine with Smartthings Hub V2…finds the Bosch Motion Sensor within seconds…

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Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo.
I will give it a try. Is there a way to disable the matter network in the hub?
The sensors used to pair without problems better the October update.

I did as you suggested and every time I change the ZigBee changed in the IDE portal it is also changed in the thread network. See screenshots.

Can the matter network be disabled?
Also, the information tab of the hub no longer mentions the status of the ZigBee network, do you know why is that?

Hi Carlos

cannot be disabled
The zigbee network did not show anything in the Hub information before, I think

@andresg @alissa.dornbos were investigating the issue

Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo.
Yes, I have given access to my hub to @andresg the way he instructed me. After a few days he then referred me back to this thread to try out your drivers again (which I’ve tried).
Not sure if they are looking into this any longer but hopefully they’ll let us know.

It seems like at this point those affected with this issue have v3 hubs?

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i have v3 hub. failed with either legacy device handler or edge driver. tried scan nearby. also tried choosing specific device type (Radion PIR ZB Wireless Motion Detector). none worked unfortunately.

I tried more then 75 times to pair a Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 Motion Sensor to the Samsung Hub V3 and can tell you it doesn’t work…What was missing in all of this is some have Hub V2 that I can tell works like a charm…You can just scan nearby and it pairs instantly…I hooked my old hub up and setup another account… installed two edge driver channels and scanned… I changed the zigbee channel to 24 in Hub V3 and tried to pair and it was still a no go…yes I removed from the hub V2 and reset the sensor … even unplugged hub V2. In the end edge drivers are the way to go.

Ok… it looks like we narrowed down the issue to being related to the v3 hub. Fingers crossed someone is able to update the driver fo the v3 hub!

Fingers crossed… I have learned to ask which version of Smartthings Hub someone is using and to tell them what I am using.

@alissa.dornbos @andresg @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Thank you for your continued help in resolving this issue. Since it has been quite some time since the issue was reported and there are no news on this threat, I just wanted to follow up to see if there are any updates. Those of us who have a v3 hub are still unable to add the Bosch sensor. Will there be a fix introduced or is this the end of the road?
Please, let us know and thank you again for keeping us posted.


Have you been able to move the Bosch sensors to an Edge driver?

Any progress with Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 pairing issue with v3 hub.

Like everyone else, I too failed to replicate your success with a v3 hub; no offence but are you able to take another look and confirm if your hub is indeed a v3?

I have six of the bosch motion sensors and a smart things V3 hub. I successfully migrated them to an edge driver about a week ago. They seem to be performing extremely well.

I am using the “Zigbee Motion Sensor MC” driver. The driver from smart things did not work. Also, once you pair the sensor, it takes several minutes until battery, temp and motion start reporting in the app,

Oh, so you moved away from the legacy device handler.

I still have the legacy device handler, which is what you were using back on November 22; if I follow the steps you posted, I am not able to pair the sensor. Like Burgerking1 said, the app remains stuck on “insert batteries into the sensor” and I also cannot proceed beyond your step 9.

As to the use of “Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc” with hub v3, please see the posts from @Mariano_Colmenarejo and @Carlos_Jato from 24 November, they were not able to get this driver to work with hub v3. I am somewhat mystified how your hub has paired with the Bosch motion sensors both with the legacy device handlers as well as with this driver.

Could you please share the firmware and hardware versions of your hub?

Firmware = 000.045.00011

Hub device = Im6001-V3p01

How are you determining the right vs left side of the sensor when installing the batteries? That could be your issue?

Thanks for offering your help.

The version of firmware is identical, but the the version of hub I have is European (IM6001-V3P02). This should not matter as these are Zigbee sensors and have worked seamlessly before. So it remains a mystery why the sensors are not pairing now.

The sensors are getting in the pairing mode, that has never been a problem (I have done that many times before), it’s just that the hub is not able to find them.

I have now deleted the device handler and installed “Zigbee Motion Sensor MC” but the hub still can’t find the sensors.

Devices other than these sensors are working fine. I will wait for the engineering team.