Bloomsky Weather Station

What is everyone doing for mount and power?

It comes with a Mount and Solar for power.

That said, I can post a pic of what I do after this weekend as my first one is supposed to arrive today!


It also comes with an AC power adapter. So, I use that while configuring the unit in my house, before taking it outside to mount it. Then, I will connect the solar panel.

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Scroll up ,there are a few pics of the way some that already received theirs, mounted them.


bummer :confused:

Ya know…yesterday, when I looked back up at the first one that I posted and saw the same image there as when I first posted it, I thought perhaps I had just not refreshed the page yet or something. If I had just refreshed, I would have discovered this.

Thanks for looking closer at it.

Is there any chance you could change it to use a static URL, and/or provide us with a separate, private URL that is static so that we can at least access the pic from our own BloomSky whenever we want from outside of the BloomSky app or the official web page for it?


This would be great!

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Just checked my inbox. Got mine as well! Hooray - another ‘toy’ to play with.


I sent you a PM a little bit ago. I have an internal module. Let me know what you need for testing this out.

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so should I fill out the second “invitation” and just relocate it to a friends house? Or just let it expire?

Whats the group think?

Personally: I wouldn’t relocate it without their permission. I applied for 4, 1 right away that was approved last week, then 3 more afterwards for different addresses. I only received 1 approval email this week. I emailed them to check on which address was approved, and I suggest you do the same (in your case email them the address, but I would check with the friend and have them sign the agreement because if it disconnects bloomsky could charge You if you sign)


Thanks. But mine is still showing decimals…

Weird… hmm…

Mine is allright. Do you have the latest version?

This is really cool. Cant wait to get mine hooked up.

Yeah, version 0.5. Showing published but still not working for some reason.

I see that your lux is only 146, mine is way high, even at night. I am running the latest version (.5).

What part of the country do you live that has a 9 UV rating? I’m in sunny southern California and my rating only went up to 2 during the hottest part of the day.

I’m in Brea, not sure why the UV rating is so high, might be because it’s directly under the sun? The UV rating showed 6 at around 9am yesterday and only went up to 9 during noon time. Not sure if you can tell in the picture but you can pretty much see the sun . My timelaps shows the sun moving across the screen, kinda cool actually…

So, chalk it up as user error, I thought the display refreshed automatically but it didn’t. I clicked refresh and now the decimals are removed. UV rating is now 5 instead of 9 too…

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Well, I’m in Chino which only about 25 north of you. My Bloomsky is also directly under the sun as well. I’ve got another issue though where I show over 5000 lux even at night.

OK, you’re right, I just did a refresh as well and I’m up to 5 UV rating too. I thought the scheduler app was supposed to do this for us? Of course ST and scheduling has always been problematic. :frowning: