Bloomsky Weather Station

Was thinking about illuminance reporting too. If it turns out that is actually reliable, I could care less if ST ever fixes the sun state scheduler :slightly_smiling:. The only reason I am not using my Aeon Labs sensors is because I am too damn lazy to change the batteries, so often the lux level stays at 0. Not as often as the sunset schedule bombs. With BloomSky on solar…no batteries to change. Now that would be just awesome! Tim @slagle ?


Gotcha. Hmm, maybe I will apply for one for my parents…

1 install WiFi Analyzer on your phone or tablet and see what WiFi signals you have in your area, what channels they are on.
2 Go into the settings of your router and change the broadcast channel from auto to one of the channels with little to no other signals on it .
If you have 2 different routers in close proximity both on say channel 2 they will cause constant signal drops and interference. Most 2.4G routers default to channel 1/2 and 10/11 . Hence mine are on channels 4 and 8 So they do not interfere with each other or the neighbors.

You can use the current illuminance to report on lux :slightly_smiling:


Cannot wait to get my hands on this weather beast. Your device type looks really good! Thank you…


Hello, can someone explain at a high level why there is a wifi security concern with the bloom sky?

The bloom sky connects with a wifi password correct?

So whether my router is talking to a device in my house or the bloom sky in the yard what is the difference?


I am pretty sure that at least one of the concerns is that the weather station itself is a device that talks to, and potentially takes orders from the BloomSky mothership organization, without the network owner’s oversight or awareness.


Hmmm that is a good point. I will think on that.

Well, on the one hand I have no control over software in the bloom sky, unlike say my laptop.

But on the other hand many of us have other devices that we also do not have control over, aside from things like Tivo, Roku…

How about the smart things hub. I have no control over that device?


Nice, I too was approved yesterday. Looking forward to playing with this some more.

I have my Smartthings hub isolated as well. I recommend anything that takes orders from someone other than me be done that way.

The only problem with that idea is your modem. I think the ISP usually has a certain level of access to it; especially if it is an ISP-provided one.

As with anything, there are levels of concern for different things. Sometimes, it’s more hassle than it is worth to act on our privacy concerns. Sometimes, there’s just really nothing we can do about it, and we have to just accept things the way they are. Other times, we figure out a ways of mitigating such risks.

In the case of the ST hub, I hadn’t actually committed to that particular one yet, but I’m thinking about it now. I guess, since everything goes through the cloud anyway (V1), I could have it on a ‘Guest’ network and never see any difference other than knowing that I’m safer (marginally, but it is what it is; one more area where I could improve my firewall). I will be looking into it now. :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder.

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yes my ISP can access the modem but I dont use their firewall to protect anything. Think of it like this Internet /their modem(DMZ zone) /My DMZ router (Smartthings, Bloomsky, etc) /My network router.

It kinda of keeps them off my stuff :slightly_smiling:

I would like to implement this in my environment. Does your modem have a built-in WiFi AP, and that’s how you’re on their DMZ, or do you just have two WiFi routers connected to the modem’s LAN port? (I know I’m probably just missing something). I have plenty of extra routers sitting around that I could do something with.

yes it does have its own but I dont even use it. I tripple firewall. theirs then my lower router for my DMZ then another router plugged into that one that protects my network . Bloomsky and ST are between my lower and my upper

Modem/cable company router wifi…My Upper router…ST Bloomsky…My lower router…my network stuff

nvm. Didnt mean to reply to you.

DMZ is the best way to do it.

When creating the new device type for the BloomSky, does it matter what I put in for Device Network ID? I couldn’t figure it out so I just put in a random number and it works, but am wondering if something specific belongs there.

doesnt matter my id is bloomsky

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Are both of the sections of code listed above “apps,” or is one for creating a new device type? I just need to know where to enter the code in my graph.api… smartthings site.


The URL should depict which is which.

Please continue the discussion about wifi security elsewhere, I suggest:

Network Security: A guide to securing your IoT home:

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