Bloomsky Weather Station

The API is now passing Storm Data… @slagle

        [Storm] => Array
                [RainRate] => 0
                [SustainedWindSpeed] => 1.79
                [RainDaily] => 0
                [WindDirection] => SW
                [WindGust] => 2.69

Trying to find the time to update it. I’ve been busy. Sorry :frowning:


I’m playing around with the new Storm data from the API and trying to match the correct values / unit of measures.
It looks like the Rain data is in Metric (mm and mm/h) but the Wind speed is very tricky.
Also the API is taking a long time to updated the STORM data. Using the Bloomsky App (Android) I can refresh and see the new Storm data every 30 seconds but it’s hard to match with the API data.
Well, as soon as I can get some consistent information I can send you the Device Handler that I’m play with for your validation. Hope that helps :grin:

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anyway you can make rain rate trigger the leak sensor on the integration? This might correct the “it’s raining” notifications not firing for people.

It has actually been working again for about a week with Sky1. My dogs appreciated it.


Ill have to test it out again.[quote=“schapper05, post:1, topic:38202, full:true”]

To minimize clutter, If you would like to share your weather ID information please use this link. Thank you!

You can still apply for a free Bloomsky(costs shipping ~$20ish) here. "Apply by Wednesday, February 17th at 11:59pm PST to qualify."

@Slagle Has been kind enough to offer the following Device type and smart app:

Short Instructions:

After correctly adding Bloomsky (Connect) app in mobile, Smartapp should create a device.

Service Manager(Bloomsky (Connect))!!!

Now all you have to do is install the service manager and you’re good to go! You will not need the “Scheduler” app anymore either, it’s done within the service manager.

This should work for multiple devices too. Don’t have multiple devices so I can’t test that, so don’t castrate me if it doesn’t work. :grin:

Make sure to uninstall the old device before copying in the new DTH code.

The service manager(Bloomsky (Connect)) sets all the correct info for the device. No need to do anything other than hit done within the connect app.(Bloomsky (Connect) should add a device in your list.)

If you changed anything in the IDE for the device is recommend uninstalling and reinstalling.

Long Instructions on Installation after adding the Bloomsky (Connect) Smartapp and Bloomsky Device Type in the IDE:

Thanks for the in-depth write up @keltymd! All bolds below are emphasis by me, Italics are my comments.

After this step the Bloomsky (Connect) App should create a device found on your network. The name wil be Bloomsky***** with the stars being randomly generated characters.

Please see the FAQ for using custom code by @JDRoberts

GitHub FAQ:

Steps on how to add Still Images to Thanks @Belgarion!



It seems that my “it’s raining” notification still does not work.

This is from bloomsky and not smartthings correct?

I do see rain accumulations from the range gauge in storm.

Just not the “it’s raining” notification"

ST from moisture sensor on Sky1… IFTTT is still broken, rain meter in Storm is absolutely useless. Rain gauge reads 1.3 inches Storm registers 0.02 in past 25 hours.

Mine was pretty good during the storm, was over 1"(prob is we don’t know when it resets), which was surprising since it’s not even close to mounted in an ideal rain position. When I move the roof it will be too high for totally accurate rain but better then where it is now and the wind should be ideal.


That’s the problem. Now it is 4’ off the ground in the middle of the yard 15’ from any building. Perfect for rain but useless for wind. Once the ice clears and I put it 35’ up on the roof it will be " perfect" for wind , but useless for rain.

I bought it for the wind anyways, so not too worried about accurate rain rates.


My BS stopped updating WU yesterday but I still see updated info on the ST app. Anyone else having issues with bs and wu?

Same here.

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Yup looks like it’s broken since 6:14pm EST Lots of people on the FB group with the same issue.

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Thanks for the confirmation, that’s about the same time mine last reported.

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Why if the storm mounted on roof would the rain amount be less accurate?

For the wind, don’t we want to know the wind at ground level because that is where we live?

NWS measures wind at 30 feet to ( try to ) eliminate the variations caused by wind tunnels & the like caused by buildings. Rain is measured at 3-5 feet to try and not count any that would evaporate before hitting the ground.
I’m sure you have seen weather radar showing that it’s raining when nothing is actually hitting the ground.


@slagle … so, what else are we suppose to be getting from your new BloomSky(Connect) and DTH? :wink: … looks like Storm data is in the works …

From the local events:

BloomSky-Cyclops last updated is Jan 30 03:56 PM
BloomSky-Cyclops temperature is 62.1°C
BloomSky-Cyclops device type is SKY1
BloomSky-Cyclops humidity is 27%
BloomSky-Cyclops battery is 74%
BloomSky-Cyclops device mode is Day
BloomSky-Cyclops illuminance is 3388 Lux

Hi @elf. The STORM data is already in the Device Handler, but you have to enter the device Config and switch the “Enable STORM data?” option :wink:

So the public DTH is now updated ? I hadn’t see where @slagle had found the time to update it. Hence I am still on the one I customized with the updated BS backend . If the public is updated, I’ll update back to it.

Looks like both were updated 3 hrs ago. So just copy and past both to update?