Bloomsky Storm

DTH= Device Type Handler that allows ST to communicate with the BS

I didn’t see any details, but I’m hoping that it is for mounting it over the peak of the roof. My BS is about 20 feet below my peak so it should be within the range that the storm and BS can communicate with each other.

When I first heard about this product I was dead set against it. For 100 bucks though it would be really cool to add to my BS. Anybody have a feeling they might do for this what they did previously for ST users?

Since @Yongfeng_Zhang hasn’t been seen around the forum in months, I’m just ass-u-me-ing that once the DTH and app were completed & working that BS lost interest in any special deals with ST. Giving away a couple hundred units was cheaper than hiring or contracting someone who knew how to integrate with ST. He admitted that they had tried to get it to integrate with ST and gave up on the project, went to IFTT channel instead.
We all know that if sky or BS2 need a change in the code it will come from this community and not from BS.

Oh well thats disappointing. Thanks for the info.

My comment is strictly only my own opinion and not based on anything other than my own observations. Is not based on any type of inside information from BS or ST

All we have to do is convince @slagle to buy the Storm so that he can update his DTH to work with it…


Start a go fund me and we each donate $1 to get him one :smile:


Id be ok with that.

The UV sensor was moved to the Storm and apparently sits straight up for more accurate UV readings, rather than at an angle. I also noticed that the storm has a built-in level. Not sure how easy it’ll be to get that thing level.

I was able to buy both the Sky2 and Storm for $229 (including shipping) because I signed up for their email alert for Kickstarter.

I asked Bloomsky if they’d be willing to donate one to me but haven’t heard back from them. If I need to I can buy one, but it’d be nice to has for free. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a Bloomsky user group on Facebook where the employees often come in with news. Someone posted about you to them and I backed it up. Here’s the group:

I just came across a semi-competetor, WeatherFlow:

I’m personally more intrigued by it. Only downside to the bloom it has in my opinion is that it doesn’t have a camera. But it does have (albeit limited) local storage for if you lose internet connection, and they’re also building an indoor air quality sensor. Anyone else have any input about it?

did they ever respond? :slight_smile:

Tim any updates on this. I am looking forward to getting mine but ST integration would be sweet.

I haven’t gotten mine yet even. Their last update says they won’t ship till end of OCT, first week of NOV. Anyone with a Mast/Tripod mount has to wait longer.

When someone gets theirs let me know and I will use your station as a guinea pig (if you’re cool with that of course) for the additional sensors in the integration. I will not be purchasing one.


If I had known 1 of my BS was going to crap out as soon as I ordered the Sky and BS would just ignore my emails I probably would NOT have ordered a sky either.

I am guessing that it is the battery, since even on A/C charger for 2 weeks the battery level is lower than it is on the one still running off solar panel.

Still trying to decide if it’s better to inflate or deflate the holiday decorations based on wind speed LOL


Should be able to take it apart to replace the battery … haven’t tried it yet, but was going to do it just for the heck of it :smile: (I need to clean off that solar panel anyway — dust, bird droppings, etc.)

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My complaint is the alleged 1 year warranty and it dies in 6 months ( first barometer and now battery ) and they won’t reply to my emails. Seems all they are concentrating on is the BS2/Sky and left BS1 owners out to dry.

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Took another look at the pic of that Sky and … the ravens around here are gonna have a field day with that thing (lots of moving parts).

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