Big Problems (I think) (GE Switch went bad?)

It started when I turned on a light using a GE z-wave switch. Light came on momentarily & then shut off on its own. The small blue light on the switch is now constantly blinking. I pulled the air switch & reinserted it which didn’t do anything.

I then opened the app & did a z-wave repair… The results were not very good. There were about 10 devices that failed to “update mesh info”.

Prior to this all the devices seemed to be working just fine & now there are numerous devices that will not start up from the app.

Hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction to sort this issue out

Thanks In Advance

You might try to kill the power at the breaker to “reset” that switch and see if it comes back. You might have to do an exclusion and re-pair it to your hub if it doesn’t come back on it’s own.

Thanks for the speedy reply…
I tried the breaker & that never helped , Also rebooted the hub which did’t help either. I’ll try the exclusion and re-pair & update this post.

Probably the mesh problem is caused by that switch because it’s repeating the signal for other devices. Pull the air gap for that switch and do a z-wave repair and hopefully that will redirect you repeater to other device.

Excluded & removed that switch but it will not connect

Pulled the air gap & did a z-wave repair & still have failed to update mesh info on the same numerous devices.

When I reinsert the air gap the small blue led comes back on slowly blinking & the switch will not manually turn on the associated light.

On a sub note … Has anybody seen or does anybody know what that blue LED means when it is blinking

Something might be wrong with the switch if you can’t even manually turn it on, that part should always work as long as it has power. How far away is the hub from the switch? You might have to bring the hub closer using a very long Ethernet cable to re-pair it again. If the blue LED is blinking, I believe that is an indication that it’s looking for a hub to pair with and the first time you did it was not successful (even though the app might indicate so). Bringing it closer should help.

That switch was paired to the hub and working fine for a year or more. It just started blinking blue right out of the blue… “no pun intended” and the switch stopped working both from the app & manually. I will try and get a switch and see if that happens to be the problem with that device.


I have all these “failed to mesh” scenarios when I do a z-wave repair… Any idea what could be causing that to happen

Many battery devices need to be “awake” when you do a z-wave repair so that may have caused the “failed mesh” error. Take a look at this thread for some more insight:

There are some of these GE switches the just go bad. Replace the switch. I know one guy whose entire z-wave network was trashed for a long time from one bad (GE) switch.

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Just install a new home with the same problem. Trying different switches will advise

Thanks guys for all the advice… I’m going to pick up a switch and see if that fixes the issues

Hopefully I’ll get one tomorrow and let you all know what the outcome is

Yeah, I had a defective Enerwave switch that brought down my whole Z-Wave mesh.

I had one GE switch do the same. The blue light blinked. The actuater in the switch can be heard clicking with the light and the lights that switch controlled also blink. Would be great if they were controlling some Christmas lights that I wanted to strobe but that wasn’t the case as these were for my patio. I replaced the switch a 3 months ago and no problems since. If this occurs again I may just shell out the cash for a higher quality switch. All other GE switches have been fine

GE zwave switches have an unusually high failure rate, typically about six months after they come out of warranty. Maybe as high as 15%. Nothing to do with SmartThings, you’ll find the same issue discussed on many other home automation boards.

The switches are technically not defective since they are out of warranty, but it can be annoying. They are cheap enough that a lot of people don’t care if they have to replace 10 or 15% of the switches as they still saved money on the overall project.

My new switch will be here today… will update.

Funny thing with this one is wasn’t just dead to the z-wave world… It would not even manually operate the light

Yeah, the initial behavior you reported sounded like the switch itself burning out.

If it was me, I would start by taking the problem switch and install it in a place where a different switch is working. That would test to see if it is the switch itself that went bad.

If the problem Switch works fine in the new location, you should have an electrician check the old location before installing any switch there. It could be a circuit problem. Otherwise you run the risk of burning out a new switch immediately as well.

replaced the switch and that issue now seems to working as before.

But still when I do a z-wave network repair I get numerous “Failed to Update mesh” messages

More specifically
Devices 19 2c 2d 2e 2f 31 32 all failed to mesh

I don’t have any of these seven device numbers in my api

Anybody have any advice ?