Big Problems (I think) (GE Switch went bad?)

Not sure about 19, that was probably the original switch, but the 2c – 32 is a sequence. Those were probably created when you were attempting to pair/delete the bad switch. So those are now ghosts. They aren’t actually on your network, but they are still in the network table for your hub.

You Need to remove each of those, which is less easy than it used to be. You’re going to need a physical zwave Device that you can add to your network once for each of the ghosts. You’re going to add it, change it to the ID of the ghost, then remove it from your network which should remove the ghost ID.

You Used to be able to do this just with a virtual device, which was a lot easier, but it appears it now it has to be an actual physical Z wave device.

If you don’t want to go through all that, just contact support and ask them, they can probably force it from their side.

If you do want to go through and do it yourself, the instructions are in the following thread, but you need to read all the way to the end because the method has changed.

I wish I had an easier method to give you, but I don’t. Again, though, you can just contact support if you prefer.

I think I’ll just contact support but … Thank you for your help

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I have been repairing other Z-wave switches with a similar problem . If someone wants to send a bad switch to me I can see if I can repair them. If I can I charge $10 plus shipping for the repair.
You can contact me if you are interested.