GE Smart In-Wall Zwave switch not working...little blue light blinking

(Erik J Leach) #1

Hey all,

Its my first post so I hope this is the right category.

I have a GE Smart in-wall paddle switch Z-Wave that was installed by my electrician about a year ago for my garage ligths. I was able to sync all my GE switches (about eight) to my ST with no issues.

Today, I couldn’t turn my garage lights on by the use of the paddle and I noticed the little blue light on the switch was slowly flashing. I logged into my ST app and it said it couldn’t connect to the device.

I removed the device from the ST app with no issues. I looked up the GE Zwave devices FAQ and tried to get the device in paring mode bu tapping he ‘on’ paddle times fast, tapped the on three times then off three times, pulled the air gap button and cycles the switch. After each reset of the switch I tried to find it with my ST app on my phone with no luck. I recycled the ST hub by pulling the power chord for a few minutes. It rebooted and still cant find the switch.

Is the switch just plain dead and can’c sync because it’s receiver is dead? Why can’t it just work like a switch and turn on and off the lights?

Thanks ahead for any help y’all can provide!!



Model number of the switch?


Try cutting power off and on to the switch at the breaker.

(Erik J Leach) #4

I’m looking up the Model Number. Its a standard 110V single wall mounted paddle switch with ZWave. Once I find the Model Number I’ll post it.

As for the circuit breaker, flipped the breaker for a little over a minute, popped it back on and its still blinking slow and will not connect to the network nor turn the lights on.

(Jimmy) #5

If it won’t work manually, then connecting it to SmartThings is the least of your worries.

(Erik J Leach) #6

Smart Things wont see it at all. Blue Light blinks but the app cant find it. Even if I look for it in manual add mode.

Also, the GE Model number is 14291.


First things first: are you sure the air gap switch is pushed all the way in?



If that doesn’t help, I would get in touch with GE support. The number is in the user manual:

(Erik J Leach) #9

Yes sir! I have opened and closed the Air Gap breaker multiple times in opens of resetting it. When open, the blue light goes out and stops blinking. When pushed in, it starts back up blinking. I reset it again to be sure.

(Erik J Leach) #10

I guess it’s a call to GE!

Thanks for all the help!


Good luck! Let us know what they say.

(Mike) #12

I have the same problem in two of these get z wave (I have 10 in my installation), they were working properly for almost two years but suddenly we had an electric storm and start to have ths blue light and the switch won’t work even manually. After one week one of them started to work without any help from me.

I have tried everything, If someone has the answer please help us.

(Michael) #13

I would suggest calling Jasco support. The devices come with a 2 year warranty.