[BETA] Edge Drivers for Homeseer Devices

@ajtelang & @RottenMutt

I have reverted a bad PR from the beta branch, and repackaged the driver to the main channel. The overall functionality should be returned to what was ‘working’ as of 1/29.

I will spend some time working through the profile issues in beta.

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Thanks Jeff. Your contribution to this community is what makes it great.

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@ajtelang and others – @RandomEngy had opened a formal issue in the repo. I have pushed a fully updated code base to the main branch/channel. At this juncture I can see the primary issue appears to be resolved, but will await feedback before closing the issue.

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Thanks Jeff. I am able to use the driver again. However, the multi-tap features aren’t functional yet - e.g. the toggle features in smart lighting don’t seem to be working.


EDIT> – I do some issues with the WX300 switches responding, that I need to look into a bit further – <EDIT

Just checking in – I setup a quick Smart lighting which basically turned on a ‘Bathroom Light’ if a 'Bedroom Light" was “Toggled up 2 times”

Smart lighting used the “pushed_2x” event.

2023-01-31T21:49:51.973343679+00:00 TRACE HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches  Found ZwaveDispatcher handler in zwave_switch -> HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches
2023-01-31T21:49:51.974798368+00:00 INFO HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches  <ZwaveDevice: e3a61c23-8056-44be-8575-dd3f4befa12e [80] (Bedroom Light)> emitting event: {"attribute_id":"button","capability_id":"button","component_id":"main","state":{"value":"up_2x"}}
2023-01-31T21:49:51.979731900+00:00 INFO HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches  <ZwaveDevice: e3a61c23-8056-44be-8575-dd3f4befa12e [80] (Bedroom Light)> emitting event: {"attribute_id":"button","capability_id":"button","component_id":"main","state":{"value":"pushed_2x"}}
2023-01-31T21:49:52.001471192+00:00 TRACE GE Z-Wave Motion Switch/Dimmer  Received event with handler capability
2023-01-31T21:49:52.011136898+00:00 INFO HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches  <ZwaveDevice: e3a61c23-8056-44be-8575-dd3f4befa12e [80] (Bedroom Light)> emitting event: {"attribute_id":"button","capability_id":"button","component_id":"main","state":{"value":"double"}}
2023-01-31T21:49:52.047914042+00:00 TRACE GE Z-Wave Motion Switch/Dimmer  Z-Wave command(efc07a7a) queued for radio transmission: CC:Basic, CID:0x01
2023-01-31T21:49:52.048529234+00:00 INFO GE Z-Wave Motion Switch/Dimmer  <ZwaveDevice: 13b97705-0141-406f-9209-390d0de35aea [7E] (Bathroom Light)> received command: {"args":{},"capability":"switch","command":"on","component":"main","positional_args":{}}
2023-01-31T21:49:52.050719222+00:00 TRACE GE Z-Wave Motion Switch/Dimmer  Found CapabilityCommandDispatcher handler in ge-zwave-motion-switch
2023-01-31T21:49:52.051905754+00:00 INFO GE Z-Wave Motion Switch/Dimmer  <ZwaveDevice: 13b97705-0141-406f-9209-390d0de35aea [7E] (Bathroom Light)> sending Z-Wave command: {args={value=255}, cmd_class="BASIC", cmd_id="SET", dst_channels={}, encap="AUTO", payload="\xFF", src_channel=0, version=1}
2023-01-31T21:49:52.054223636+00:00 DEBUG HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches  Bedroom Light device thread event handled

I also have a routine defined that watches for a “double” event and turns on a set of lamps. Both of these are currently working as expected against the production channel (in my world that is)

Hi Jeff. I did some more testing. I am able to replicate your scenario where the toggle up 2 times controls another device. In my use case, I’m using toggle up 2 times to dim 100% and toggle down 2 times to dim to 25%. When I’m using the switch to control the same device, it doesn’t respond. I think I have the same smart lighting settings as before when this was working last week on a previous version. Thanks again for time.

Quick update and somewhat related - It seems scenes aren’t able to affect the dim. Scenes will only control the on/off.

@RottenMutt – referencing this in the main thread

I have pushed a new switch driver to the main channel. This should address the primary challenges for using or triggering automation (routines or smart lighting) under these drivers.

Unless there are any other show stoppers/issues, it should allow me to focus on settings and individually addressable LED references next.

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Working perfectly. Thank you!

Hi @jshessen
My wd100 dimer have a problem. It working the first time after that it’s getting out of sync.
If I switch it on , the light goes on and in the app it stays off ,after that it won’t respond .
Thank you

I have a HS-WX300 switch configured as a switch (rather than a dimmer). I recently converted it to the Edge driver but now can’t control the status LEDs :frowning:

@blanalex – Unfortunately, this is the position many of us have found ourselves in. I am working to recover all of the vendor specific capabilities for these switches (first) and even to push on to the fan controller and/or flood light as I can.

As I mentioned above, I need to sort out some parameter pushes to the 300 series, but then I have both an intermediate method to allow for the status LEDs to be controlled (via components, and will pivot to looking at child devices secondarily).

In the current build if you select the LED Operating Mode as “Status” you will see that it created the 7 components both in settings, and they become visible to other automation such as Smart Lighting. However, much like the Aeon SmartStrip if you want to interact with these via voice control you have to rap the components with a virtual switch. Hence this path being seen as intermediate.

Just an FYI, I have pushed another release this evening to resolve the 300 series settings/parameters

smartthings edge:drivers:install -C c408fa0b-438f-4d00-bf36-efe7343c66b7 5f2d5dca-fcd9-4895-805a-6e976dd349d1

@jshessen or @csstup are either of you still working towards a release of the driver for the HS-FLS100 floodlight?

I am.

Progress – now I just need to sort out the automation commands to the individual LEDs

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Hopefully this is welcome news.

I have just pushed/released the next driver (0.3.0) which includes the ability to address the individual LEDs via a component. This means that functions such as Smart Lighting can be used directly manipulate the “On” or “Off” of the LED.

Because these are defined as components of the original switch, they are not directly controllable as a full-fledged device. This is similar to some of the existing Edge devices (smart power strips, secondary switch on a single device etc.). You can define a Virtual Switch and sync the status via Smart Lighting (at least using the new app).

smartthings edge:drivers:install -C c408fa0b-438f-4d00-bf36-efe7343c66b7 5f2d5dca-fcd9-4895-805a-6e976dd349d1

PS – I have tested the following scenarios:

  • Use a WD100 Toggle up 2x to turn on a subset of LEDs (1,3,5,7)
  • Use a WD100 Toggle down 2x to turn off all LEDs (1-7)
  • Use a Open/Close door sensor to turn on an individual LED (2) on Open and turn back off on Close

The current setup uses whatever “color” value is saved in settings

With thanks to @Rodd62, I’ve released a beta driver for the FLS100+ and the FLS100+G2. If you’re interested in trying it, please PM me for details.