[ST EDGE] HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches (WD100+,WD200+,WS200+,FC200+)

I’ve written a very preliminary edge driver for HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches WD100+, WD200+, WS200+, FC200+.
So far, it only includes basic features and multi-click events.
Help wanted!

Code and channel invite here:

@jshessen took over this driver and developed it much more thoroughly.
Code and channel invite link here:


Added the edge driver HVAC tag since you’ve included the fan control switch.

Nice start! :sunglasses:

@philh30 can probably tell you what the most popular feature requests have been for his GE zwave switch edge drivers….

Thanks so much! My wife was upset when the triple tap to turn off the house stopped working; this saved us.

I see in the code that it has the WS100+ device there, but you don’t have it listed in this thread. My WD100+ switches pick up the Edge driver just fine when I re-add them, but my WS100+ devices just come back with the legacy Groovy DTH. Is WS100+ supported?

I can’t explain that. :thinking:
Give this driver a try instead, it’s much more feature rich:

Jeff started from mine and really exposed a lot of the HomeSeer features. He’s so much more active that I’m planning to obsolete mine in favor of his. (Just gotta fix the fan switch driver).

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Thanks for the link. I’m trying these drivers, and it successfully adds the WS100+, but any triple-tap is sent as just pushed_3x, which means none of the “toggled up” or “toggled down” actions ever fire. You have to just use the “Pressed X times” actions. I would report an issue but the Issues tab for that repo seems to be disabled. Do you know of a way to contact Jeff?

@jshessen Connecting you with @RandomEngy because he asked in this post: [ST EDGE] HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches (WD100+,WD200+,WS200+,FC200+) - #6 by RandomEngy

@RandomEngy thanks for reaching out … I have opened up the Issues on the repo.

One of the changes I was excited to introduce in the current production capability is to actually loop through multiple button messages when a scene is triggered. I had this staged in beta, but pushed it out to the Prod channel tonight.

An example is pressing the top 2x should push 3 values as shown below:

023-01-20T09:21:09.258537613+00:00 TRACE HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches-bet  Found ZwaveDispatcher handler in zwave_switch -> HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches
2023-01-20T09:21:09.262138821+00:00 INFO HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches-bet  <ZwaveDevice: 7ca78697-f425-4c75-b036-cccfabf7bffd [82] (Guest Light)> emitting event: {"attribute_id":"button","capability_id":"button","component_id":"main","state":{"value":"down_2x"}}
2023-01-20T09:21:09.273048530+00:00 INFO HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches-bet  <ZwaveDevice: 7ca78697-f425-4c75-b036-cccfabf7bffd [82] (Guest Light)> emitting event: {"attribute_id":"button","capability_id":"button","component_id":"main","state":{"value":"pushed_2x"}}
2023-01-20T09:21:09.284586613+00:00 INFO HomeSeer Z-Wave Switches-bet  <ZwaveDevice: 7ca78697-f425-4c75-b036-cccfabf7bffd [82] (Guest Light)> emitting event: {"attribute_id":"button","capability_id":"button","component_id":"main","state":{"value":"double"}}

Now it works perfectly! Thank you so much!


Not working:(. I removed device and re-added ws200 switch. Missing on off capabilities.

Switch is not enrolling properly, isn’t assigned a device id. I have 153 devices, about 50 Zwave and 30 zigbee devices; and about 30 honeywell devices.

How do you associate the the double-tap-top, triple-tap-top, tap-hold-top, double-tap-bottom, triple-tap-bottom, and tap-hold-bottom to scenes? The app I used to use for this on my Homeseer switches seems to be deprecated and no longer working. I’ve installed the Official HomeSeer driver for my WD200+ and the jshessen driver for my WD100+. Not finding this anywhere.

These now need to be configured as an automation (routine) or in the US via the Smart Lighting application vs. the legacy groovy app.

The new drivers expose an additional set of capabilities which include the various taps.

There was a bit more details in another thread before the vendor drivers were released:

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