[BETA] Edge Drivers for Homeseer Devices

@jshessen or @csstup are either of you still working towards a release of the driver for the HS-FLS100 floodlight?

I am.

Progress – now I just need to sort out the automation commands to the individual LEDs

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Hopefully this is welcome news.

I have just pushed/released the next driver (0.3.0) which includes the ability to address the individual LEDs via a component. This means that functions such as Smart Lighting can be used directly manipulate the “On” or “Off” of the LED.

Because these are defined as components of the original switch, they are not directly controllable as a full-fledged device. This is similar to some of the existing Edge devices (smart power strips, secondary switch on a single device etc.). You can define a Virtual Switch and sync the status via Smart Lighting (at least using the new app).

smartthings edge:drivers:install -C c408fa0b-438f-4d00-bf36-efe7343c66b7 5f2d5dca-fcd9-4895-805a-6e976dd349d1

PS – I have tested the following scenarios:

  • Use a WD100 Toggle up 2x to turn on a subset of LEDs (1,3,5,7)
  • Use a WD100 Toggle down 2x to turn off all LEDs (1-7)
  • Use a Open/Close door sensor to turn on an individual LED (2) on Open and turn back off on Close

The current setup uses whatever “color” value is saved in settings

With thanks to @Rodd62, I’ve released a beta driver for the FLS100+ and the FLS100+G2. If you’re interested in trying it, please PM me for details.


Is anyone working on an edge driver for the HSM200 multisensor? This is both an RGB nightlight and a motion/temperature/lux sensor. Plug-in, not battery. It’s a re-branded ezmultipli device, and has always been sort of out there on its own, but it’s useful and quite a few community members have it.


It’s a pretty straightforward device when looked at component by component. (It has a second association group, but I don’t think anybody using smartthings uses it, it just turns on up to four devices when motion is detected. And the user settable parameters are for the cool down period, and again, I don’t think most people using smartthings care.)

But it’s the combination of a controllable RGB light, and collecting information from the three sensors that tends to make it a unique project.

It’s worked well for years with a stock driver but a couple of people have reported that it did transition, but they ended up only with light control, not with the motion sensor data. :thinking:

Anyway, it’s a Homeseer sensor still being manufactured and sold, which is why I’m asking in this thread, since I think this is where a lot of people would look for it.


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I can if someone in the US can loan me one to develop/test with.

FYI, it looks like the EZMultiPI is incorporated into the SmartThingsCommunity drivers.

From what I can tell the HSM200 was introduced (incorrectly) in the past, and removed in September of last year.

I have created the following pull request to add the HomeSeer fingerprint to the existing EZMultiPli definition


Can you tell from the GitHub listing if the stock driver is handling the motion, lux, and temperature sensors, as well as the RGB light? At one point, there was an issue where the stock driver treated it only as a lightbulb, and you didn’t get any of the sensor information, but I don’t know if that’s still true.


Yes, I validated that all of the functionality is included in the EZMultPli

name: motion-switch-color-illuminance-temperature
- id: main
  - id: motionSensor
    version: 1
  - id: switch
    version: 1
  - id: colorControl
    version: 1
  - id: illuminanceMeasurement
    version: 1
        - key: "illuminance.value"
          range: [0, 32000]
  - id: temperatureMeasurement
    version: 1
        - key: "temperature.value"
          range: [-20, 100]
  - id: refresh
    version: 1
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Definitely interested. Was just boxing up the FLS100 G2 to send back. How do we use it? Is it in the Smartthings App?

PM me if you’re interested.

This is a pretty big feature release (for me that is), as the latest release now includes the ability to “set” the LED color via automation.

I have validated the following functionality:

  • On/Off/Dim Locally
  • On/Off/Dim via App (still see the out-of-sync issue in the app)
  • Multi-Tap to control other devices (up/down/double/toggle 2x up, toggle 2x down)
  • Smart Lighting and Routine triggers
  • Use settings to set the LEDs to all of the capable colors
  • Use toggle 2x up to turn on a subset of the status LEDs (via Smart Lighting) this uses the default color from settings. If settings is set to “Off” default the LED to “White”
  • Use toggle 2x down to turn off a different subset of status LEDs (with overlap) (via Smart Lighting)
  • Turn on LED when door opens and off when closes (using Smart Lighting)
  • When switch is turned on, turn on LED, and overwrite the default color setting with one picked via colorControl. The code will let you pick anything from the color palette, but then will select the closest of the 7 vendor supported colors.
smartthings edge:drivers:install -C c408fa0b-438f-4d00-bf36-efe7343c66b7 5f2d5dca-fcd9-4895-805a-6e976dd349d1

PS - I will likely pivot to the FC200 to get it up and running. Please let me know if there are any issues here, or on GitHub

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@jshessen Still got this issue

@sylvain – I as well

I created tracking issue just so I don’t lose it. I have been focused on getting the core functionality into the driver. The actual app presentation layer is completely outside of the driver, but I suspect that there may be some type of chatter or event emit that could be missing to force the app to recognize the changes in state.

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Sorry this is my first go at trying to integrate SmartThings into my current setup. I have the HSM200 and when adding to the SmartThings app it adds as a light. When I log in online I can change it to the “HomeSeer Multisensor”. It still does not have the correct functionality.

It looks like they discontinued device handling, which seemed pretty straightforward.

I might be completely wrong on the verbiage for this. Is there an edge driver that I can authorize for this to function as it should?

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@DrDraake – no need to be sorry, most of us are here to help where we can.

Unfortunately, the situation with the HSM200 is a bit in flux. From what I can see the EZMultiPli is essentially the same device, and has been developed and already included directly in the SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers channel.

I have issued a “pull” request to add the HSM200 to the device definition, but this pull request has yet to be reviewed..

As a stop gap, I will work on adding temporarily pulling the code over into my device channel today/tomorrow to offer this functionality until it is properly incorporated into the main channel.


@jshessen I appreciate everything you are doing to enable these drivers!
Your work is much appreciated. Thanks so much

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I don’t have a an HSM200 to test with, but I have incorported the changes that were included in the pull request to the main channel into the channel documented in this thread. To keep things generic, the driver is referenced as “HomeSeer Z-Wave Sensors”. Feel free to give it a go and provide any testing feedback (may require some logs if things don’t work).

smartthings edge:drivers:install -C c408fa0b-438f-4d00-bf36-efe7343c66b7 f8c65d66-292d-4f61-947e-b3025067b076
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