Smoke Detector selection

This week the two smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in our home reached end of life. My two requirements for replacement are that they integrate with Smartthings and support hardwired power. These are my finding so far:

  • Kidde Model # 900-0225CA. This was going to be my choice but when I went to buy it last night at Home Depot I discovered it was battery operated only. :frowning:
  • Nest Protect. Nice device but its very expensive, appears to only integrate with ST via the cloud, doesn’t support 3 wire interconnect, and doesn’t expose its motion detector. I assume I would need to installed a custom device handler for the Nest.
  • Fibaro Smoke Sensor - I can’t seem to find much info on this.
  • FirstAlert ZCOMBO. This is the device that I seem to be leaning towards now. It seems to be the only one that ST ‘officially’ supports. I’m disappointed at that a device of this price doesn’t speak.

Have I missed any choices that I should be considering? I’m disappointed that there aren’t more options. Given the price of FirstAlert zcombo I am thinking of buying just one and a second regular FirstAlert. If I do that, will alarms via the 3 wire interconnect from the second detector still get sent to ST via the zcombo?

Thanks for any advice.

The only existing hardwired smoke detector that has a SmartThings integration is the Nest Protect and even that integration is not official (that is more of a political thing I’ve heard the integration is rock solid).

The only other hardwired option I would mention is the Lowe’s Halo and Halo+. They are very new and hard to find in stock. They are ZigBee and SmartThings has mentioned it will be officially integrated, but who knows when.

Good list.

Important to know that all these things integrate thru ST’s cloud, so no internet access means no ST interaction.

Nest protects do a bunch of other magic themselves and with Nest thermostats. See Nest’s website on how the products work together. I’m not claiming it does or does not justify the cost. Many insurance companies (in USA) will give you protects or a discount.

The ZCOMBO doesn’t alert to other First Alert devices like their talking counterparts. This was brought up in another thread. I don’t believe there is a hard wired version.

I have multiple of the talking and non talking:

And Leeo’s throughout the house, well two of them. All go off at once, with IFTTT I have a virtual switch (uDHT) that sets the ST alarm off as if it were a “real” detector.

I also have an Insteon Smoke Bridge that alerts separately from ST/Leeo so I have a backup warning method.

Honestly the Leeo is an amazing device for what it does. They go on sale 25-30 occasionally.

Edit: And is a great company to do business with and has beaten Amazon prices on everything I’ve gotten from them!

Zcombo is battery only. I have two, I like them.

Where do you see anything about that kidde model connecting to ST or any other hub? It looks like it’s just a wireless interconnect.

Hopefully Halo comes out soon and someone can figure out a device handler to get it working with ST, since it’s Zigbee.

I really like Leeo. I have it integrated with ST the same way @michaelahess does.

Any connected smoke detector will rely on the cloud to alert you remotely, I don’t think one that’s directly integrated with ST is inherently more reliable than one that’s more indirectly integrated.

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It says its Wink Hub compatible on the packaging of the box.

Have you read this? You can connect all your hardwired alarms to Smartthings via a relay and a zwave open/close sensor.

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I see. Missed that when I searched the model # earlier. No wink hub here.

Your only hardwired option that kinda integrates into ST now is nest protect, I think.

I’ve also wired a contact sensor into a dumb smoke alarm like @pizzinini mentions. Definitely more work than a ready-made device.

I’m really disappointed that there aren’t more Z-wave or Zigbee hardwired options avalaible. I guess I will just get some Kiddie non-automated smoke detectors. Disappointing. Maybe I will add the Kiddie Smoke Alarm Relay Module at a later date.

Thanks for everyone’s input on this.

There is a discussion on the facebook group on this topic last week. It turns out that it is against code to mix brands with interconnect wires. It is not a standard. For this reason, it isn’t likely you will see this functionality. You are supposed to replace all of them and not one or two at a time.

You could use an interconnect system that talks to the other smoke alarms so that if one goes off, they all go off. Then use a Leeo Smart Alert to integrate with Smart Things.

I’m a big fan of our nest protects. We previously had a three wire interconnected system, but the protects build their own mesh so if one alerts they all sound (this is not reliant on internet connectivity or even a local wireless lan).

It’s true that they don’t expose their motion sensor to anything other than a nest thermostat, but the hardwire version does have the option to behave like a night light if that’s what you need.

The integration with ST is via the cloud, but I’ve never had an issue with delays etc. and the smart app and device handlers from Tonesto7 is truly excellent and better than many ‘official’ integrations. It also plays nicely with Hue and can flash lights for alerts and also aid escape.

The alarm itself seems good at distinguishing netween cooking activities, steam and actual smoke and I have not yet had a false alarm.

All in all, I can’t recommend Nest Protect enough.