Belkin Coffee and SmartThings

Any ideas is this will work out of the gate with ST?

My guess would be no. Discovery of the WeMo devices is done on the hub. It would require a firmware update and a change to the WeMo (Connect) app.

If they (wemo) wrote their code smart (pun) it should have the same attributes as a switch (on/off).If you typed it as a wemo outlet it would probably work to turn it on or off right out of the gate.

My coffee maker is getting a little long in the tooth, so I ordered one.

Does more than just turn on and off. I hope it can send notification when brew is done.

I have the dumb version of this pot, it is awsome…

I received mine today but it does not show up in Wemo connect discovery. Do I need to tweak the code?

there’s an issue with the lan discovery not finding slow to respond devices. Hopefully there will be an firmware update soon.

How is the maker otherwise though? Fast? Good? Can it make really strong coffee? What all is on their user interface? Does it tell you when it’s done?

Amazon has quite a few reviews already posted but so far they are all from the Vine “professional” reviewers:

None so far are with a home automation perspective yet.

I like it so far but I need more brewing cycles before I can give it a proper review.

I was mainly wanting to see if it notified you when the coffee was done brewing.

A first world issue with me is standing there waiting for something. Please notify me when done. Washer, dryer, coffee maker, toaster, dog, etc… :grinning:

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I didn’t get one. The two notifications they have so far are reminders to set up your coffee maker the night before (add water, etc.) and water filter quality. It has a water and (empty?) carafe sensor but I don’t think it senses if grounds are loaded. I believe you have to confirm this the night before or it won’t brew the next day.

The filter is supposed to be replaced every thirty cycles. Supposedly it will warn you but if you unplug your unit, it resets this count. Then in another place it says it will notify you after 90 cycles to clean your unit with vinegar. The app just has a on/off for these notifications.

It does display the time the brew was started (up to two hours), but again, does not notify you when complete. Seems odd because it will notify you if the brew takes longer than 9.5 minutes (requires cleaning). Why not have brew completion notification an option?

Hey, it is software, so there is potential at the least.

To continue…

Seems like you can’t do remote access nor IFTTT, at least I am not able to yet.

As far as carafe sensors, at the minimum it checks for a carafe. Sometimes it says it is ready if I have it half way full and others say it must be empty. Not sure how it determines this (weight or what) but doesn’t seem foolproof. This is one of the reasons I’ve been leery of just turning on a coffee maker through SmartThings controlled outlet. What if the there is no water or carafe is full? Nothing worse than an overflowing carafe.

I received a push notification when today’s brew was done. I don’t know why I didn’t get one previously.


@beckwith did you got the mr coffee maker working with smartthings?
i’d like to buy a coffee maker which works with smartthings. Not only a power outlet which makes it turn on or off, but actualy can report the water is empty etc.

Any help would be appriciated.

No luck. It is much better than turning on/off the outlet because it makes sure there is water and pot.

Next best thing would be an Amazon Echo interface but no.

Has anyone made an app for this yet? I got the coffee maker it’s pretty cool. I don’t use an alarm clock because I don’t sleep past 5am lol. Anyways it’d be cool to add to my echo. So when I say Morning it turns on certain lights, sets heater higher, turns on the news. I’d love to add the coffee to start too. I can do it through ifttt but the echo “skill” doesn’t work.

Let’s be honest, walking to the thing and pushing the button is just too much work!

The reviews I read were mixed - claiming leaks and not-so-hot coffee. How’s your experience? I don’t drink coffee, but the wife does and it has to be hot (and preferably not all over the counter).

well I guess it depends on how sensitive she is to her coffee

I went from a Bonavita which was actually pretty expensive The Mr. Coffee doesn’t brew it with as much of a bite. Plus I’m leaving the grounds out overnight now. For me it’s not that big of a deal I just put a little more coffee grounds in the new machine.

As far as the temperature it’s pretty dang close if you drink the pot within 2 1/2 to 3 hours you’ll be fine.

All in all I’d say it’s fine for normal coffee people if she’s super into coffee there might be a small issue.

Make sure you research prices they range from $60-$200 I got the $60 one off Amazon which is the same machine.

I did have trouble with it. it stopped working after about four brew cycles. They sent me a shipping label to return but it was going to take up to 30 days. I ended up taking the thing apart and I found the wire to the coil broke so I soldered a new connector and it ran fine since then.

It doesn’t play well with echo as they claim but it works just fine with ifttt, that part has not given me any issues yet

Hopefully that all comes out OK I’m using voice to text at work Lol

Bringing this thread back to life. I’ve been looking at work that @kevintierney did for the wemo crockpot (Wemo Maker - Possibility?) and looking to port that over for the coffee maker. The coffeemaker is actually simpler- there’s only one command (start brewing) and a list of device statuses.

As a python/REST guy i’m currently struggling with both groovy and SOAP to get this working. Hopefully, we can start combining them into one repo for all nonsupported wemo devices in one smartapp.

Ok, I’ve got it working. Here are the files:

I had a ton of issues with the XML parsing (as always) and it took me a bit to get the upnp subscription working properly. There’s no off button, its just a momentary switch (brew) but there’s a hidden switch capability that triggers it as well. Why? So it’ll show up as a device type switch so you can add it to your routines (I have it in my good morning routine).

One issue I’ve hit now is I’d like to have a CoRE piston that checks the status of the coffeemaker and makes sure it’s “ready” when i trigger the good night routine. The problem is, I can’t figure out how to check the status with CoRE because it’s a custom device type with custom statuses. I’m thinking about including another device capability inside it just to report the status, but I haven’t figured that part out yet.

I had to fiddle with it most of the day, but thanks to @kevintierney and @btk- it’s mostly reusing a lot of their existing code.

A weird thing I hit was the subscribe action wasn’t working. Just physicalgraph.device.HubAction alone didn’t do anything (i used the code directly from the documentation). I had to add a sendHubCommand() to make it work. Odd behavior.