Smarter Coffee and iBrew (includes DTH links)

I’ve been looking into a good way to integrate a coffee maker that can brew individual cups with SmartThings or the Amazon Echo. Currently, it looks like the only “smart” coffee maker on the market is the Mr Coffee Smart Coffee Machine. Unfortunately this doesnt work with SmartThings or any connected platforms besides its app.

I just found “smarter coffee” set to release in October. It lists full compatibility with IFTTT.

Could this be successfully integrated with a SmartThings system?

Through IFTTT at least, do they have an open API?

I have a $14 Mr Coffee 10 cup drip maker plugged into a Wemo outlet. I make up the coffee the night before and turn on the maker’s switch. In the morning before I roll out of bed, I say “Alexa, turn on the coffee pot” and she responds with a cheerful “Ok” and my day starts.

It’s so much better than before when I’d ask my wife to make me a cup of coffee and she’d respond “Are your legs broken? Make it yourself”


These are the same people who made the iKettle tea system, which is quite nice but very expensive. I’d assume this will be the same.

No direct integration with SmartThings, though. But IFTTT may be enough, it just depends what features they offer through their channel.

I would be more concerned if the coffee machine makes good coffee than if it is connected to anything. The first of those is hard enough. For the price of that Smarter Coffee machine you can get a Technivorm, which makes awesome coffee. I use Smart Things to turn my espresso machine on with a schedule and I also have it push a notification to me when it’s preheated and ready, which takes about 20 minutes. Unfortunately I still have to make the espresso myself!

Do you have a model number of this machine ? thanks

Coffee maker is a Mr Coffee GG12
and it’s plugged into a Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS

I’ve had plenty of expensive machines but nothing beats a good, old fashioned drop machine to get me going in the morning.

I’ve got the same coffee maker plugged into an Aeon Labs switch and also added a moisture sensor to send a notification when the coffee is done. The alert is triggered 1 minute after the water reservoir switches from “wet” to “dry”.

Very cool. I need to try something like this. Have always wondered why there aren’t more good smart coffee options out there…

Did anyone ever get any further with the iKettle?
I’ve got one sat at home - and I’m not really using the WiFi side of things, as it’s quicker to walk into the kitchen than grab phone, unlock, open app and boil it. (Things were even worse with the Smarter coffee maker, so I just gave that away… before making coffee you had to clean out the carafe and filter, top up the water and beans, you might as well just hit the button :))

However - I’ve got a fully working SmartThings setup including SmartTiles, and my Amazon Echo is on order now we can officially get them in the UK, which means this Smart Kettle could be way smarter.

Asking Alexa to pop the kettle on (note use of British terminology, the Kettle is “poppable”) or just have a button on the SmartTiles.

This guy has worked out the protocol - - but if I’m honest, I haven’t a clue how to turn that into a Device Handler.

For iKettle integration you’ll need ibrew

and for smartthings integration

I don’t have my kettle yet so I’ve not tried it

iBrew! :slight_smile:

The brand new version has a http push trigger event system, together with the json rest api :slight_smile: you probably can make it all work! pushing and pulling data :slight_smile:

iBrew: available for windows, mac and linux!

Any issues found or feature request post them in the issues !


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I cannot get iBrew to install on mac, opened an issue on the master git

The devicehandler I have posted on GitHub (as linked to above) works with a branch ok iBrew -

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Thanks for the good work with the smarter stuff!

I have iBrew running on a pi and its seeing my devices and works well.

I’ve now added the iBrew-development device driver to the ide but I have no idea how to use it from Smartthings!

Any pointers appreciated.


Have you added a device instance under ‘My Devices’? If not, that’s the first thing to do and set the Type to ‘iBrew-Development’. Note: you must set the Hub to your hub (can’t leave blank)

Once you have added the device, it will appear in SmartThings on your phone. You then need to set the settings under configuration. You need to set IP address, port number (defaults to 2080) and, importantly, the MAC address of the server on which you are running iBrew.

Note also, this only works with the branch of iBrew here: - not the master branch

Once this is done, you have a device in smart things that gives you a switch with which you can turn on the kettle. It also shows the device temperature.

The switch can be automated by any automation that expect a switch device

Hope that helps!

Thanks for that, I’ve got it mostly working now.

The kettle switches on and off from the phone app but the temp and status is not working, so the state of the button in the phone app is not being updated.

Any ideas where to look - i’m so close!

error from log

2017-02-07 15:24:12,528 - DEBUG -
2017-02-07 15:24:12,541 - ERROR - [] ERROR
2017-02-07 15:24:12,737 - DEBUG - Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/iBrew/smarter/”, line 1456, in __monitor_device
response = self.__read()
File “/home/pi/iBrew/smarter/”, line 1614, in __read
message = self.__read_message()
File “/home/pi/iBrew/smarter/”, line 1592, in __read_message
raise SmarterError(0,“Could not read message”) # (" + msg + “)”)

This is great stuff.
Are there any plans to merge the your branch into the master Branch?

I used make mac to create an install package but I can’t get the smart app to do anything, any advice? I opened an issue on the github

Apologies all - I have just realised there are some hard-coded values in the device handler that are only appropriate to my install! Lines 174, 178 and 182 need to have the IP of your server…

I will fix this later when not at work

…my bad!