Smart coffee maker

With the recent talk of using a moister sensor to monitor a Christmas tree and a dog bowl got me thinking, the reason I never wanted Smartthing to control my coffee maker was I didn’t want it to turn on if I forgot to add water to the coffee maker one night. Now I’m thinking a probe in the water tank of a coffeemaker could prevent the coffee maker from turning on if there was no water, also maybe if there was water the coffee started, when the tank was empty I could get an alert coffee was ready. That alert could be a text, Sonos, vlc… Ect… Just a thought. I’d then probably use the power allowance app to automatically turn the machine off a few hours later. Not sure if there are apps out there that could do this but I could take a really inexpensive coffeemaker and make it pretty darn smart.

This one does this and more:
But I can’t get it to interface with SmartThings.

I believe, Keurig K575 coffee maker does that quite well. But I’m not sure if it can be integrated with SmartThings.