Wemo Maker - Possibility?

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Has anyone discovered a way to intergrate a Wemo Maker into smartthings yet ? Can you do it using a Wemo Link or any other unit as a bridge ?


It has an ifttt channel, so you could use ifttt as a “man in the middle.” It’s not direct control but it would let you use a sensor or switch controlled by smartthings to then activate the Wemo maker. And you could set up a virtual switch in smartthings to represent the state of the WEMO maker to go along with the actual device being triggered through IFTTT.

It’s possible it may work directly with ST, but no way to know for sure. It’s definitely not supported out of the box and would require a device type be developed. I was able to add my WeMo crockpot recently, but I attempted to help someone add their WeMo air purifier and we had no luck. Once the device has an IP address, you can talk to it directly, but their API wasn’t well documented. With this being a maker device, there may be more documentation, or at least others who have written programs to communicate with the WeMo device.

The easiest way would be using IFTTT as a middle man as @JDRoberts suggested, but you’d obviously be limited to what IFTTT supports


You’d just need to implement the API into a device type. I don’t have one of these or I would do it.

@kevintierney , any chance you remember how you got the crock pot working? I found your GitHub code for the wemo-crockpot-switch but I don’t seem to get published updates once that device handler is implemented. I’m just starting with Groovy & SmartThings programming, so I’m having trouble seeing where the breakdown is happening. I can get the device to turn on & off, and with careful use of the settings and the refresh button I can get a decent bit of operation. I was just wondering if you had created the code for a polished control or if you had any hints that didn’t make it to the comments on your GitHub.

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I’ve been meaning to go back to it and see if I could clean it up enough for possibly publishing it, but haven’t had the time to figure out how to make it user friendly, especially setting time/temp.

It’s been a while since I used the device type (I mostly use the wemo app), but I think it would update the timers on it’s own, but I’m not 100% sure of this.

Are you using both my device type and connect smartapp?

@kevintierney I am not useing the Smart App (I looked at it for a minute or two, but couldn’t get it to discover the crockpot), but I also didn’t realize any interdependence when looking, so that may be my issue.

That’s probably the issue. I found the ST WeMo connect app to be a mess and modified it to get the crock pot to work. It sets up the device syncing

Here’s where it’s stored currently in github

You’ll probably need to uninstall the device in the ST app (not the device type) add this smartapp through the ide and then install the app from within the st app Marketplace->SmartApps->My Apps

Installing the app should then detect the crockpot

@kevintierney any idea if this could be used for Wemo maker too?

I don’t see why not. It’s just a matter of looking through the XML and possible sniffing what the WeMo app sends/receives

Thanks have ordered one so will be able to take a look tomorrow

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I have used the Wemo maker with IFTTT with a virtual switch for now to meet my requirements of controlling gas fireplace with harmony.

The standard options in the Wemo app of toggle or 300ms on were not things that would work. IFTTT has 2 seconds on and then off and that is what I needed!

At some point I may look at the xml of the maker to try to discover it but I am stretching my capabilities when I go there

Not sure if it’s of any help still but I have written this: