Being ran around on the phone

I spent over 2 hours on the phone with the smartthingsapp people, was passed of 4 different times and finally they tried to give the Samsung # which i already had. Nothing was accomplished except wasting time… terrible support!!!

That sounds very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved:

What question were you trying to get answered?


I was trying to find out why i could not reset my camera. The light was flashing orange- i unplugged it- i unplugged my router- i uninstalled the app and reinstalled it- turned off my phone - all of this was done with instructions from the people on the phone but no one could tell me why it was flashing or why it had a different name.

Cameras can be tricky…

What’s the brand and model of the camera?
What country are you in?
Did the camera used to work with your network or did you just get it?
If it did used to work, have you changed anything with your Wi-Fi?

Any chance it’s a V – home model?

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It’s a smart things cam model # rc8335pro… It’s not new, it was working fine and nothing has been changed on my network

Is that also known as the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro? If so it will no longer be supported on the new platform.

It doesn’t say Samsung, it just says smart things cam

Got a photo of what it looks like?

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Here’s a photo

What’s the model number? It should be on a sticker on the bottom.

I’m not familiar with the camera, but it rather sounds like it has been reset and wants to be setup again.