Samsung smartcam SNH-6414BN

Hi Experts and non-experts alike,

I have a strange problem with my smartcam SNH-6414BN that was bought in the US but has been used in India. Till a few days ago, it was working perfectly. Now suddenly, the LED has stopped glowing as well as the camera itself. When I power on the camera, only the IR LED lights keep blinking. The power LED does not come up at all. I tried to reset the camera, but no avail. This is used to keep track of my in-laws who are old and hence was a key component for me. Now, I am trying to figure out what needs to be done, but there seems to be nothing available on the net for troubleshooting. Any insights/inputs to trouble shoot and/or any samsung service center that can do this for me in bangalore would be greatly appreciated.


This seems not related to SmartThings. You’d better chat with Samsung support for that. First check would be to see if you can connect the Smartcam app with the camera.

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Also check the power supply and USB cable, maybe try another.

Thanks Phillippe and Matt. Will try to do both. ALso, just wanted to say that I could not find a forum for my product specifically. @Phillippe, Apologies for posting in the wrong place.


When needed, I personally use the Samsung support chat option at: Samsung Support Contact Us
They are very reactive.

when you say reset did you reset the actual reset button that I am assuming it has? usually it will take the tip of a pen to do this