Beca BHT-001 Zigbee thermostat (tuya)

Hi !

I just bought and received one of these.

After repairing it (LOL), i managed smartthings to find it as a thing (not connectable tho). Is there any way to get it working, and what information is needed ? I changed device under my devices to “zigbee thermostat”, but it is not working…
This is what i see in smartthings device :

Have you connected the Tuya device using the Tuya official integration or just with a Smartthings search

As i dont have tuya zigbee bridge, only with smartthings.

I doubt anyone has created a DTH for that device in the past and as DTHs are due to be replaced by edge drivers which are in Beta it is certain that device will not work as a direct zigbee connection

It is possible It could work through a Tuya hub and the official app but more research would be needed to confirm

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What is missing is either a DTH or a Edge driver that understands the manufacturer specifc clusters that the device is almost certainly using. Basically it speaks Zigbee as its network transport but beyond that its encapsulatibg all or parts of its communication in a proprietary format. Its not unique - lots of vendors do it when they feel they have extra functionality to convey not directly supported by the spec. Tuya does this with all of thier zigbee stuff and its why they need a custom DTHs on smartthings.

‘zigbee thermostat’ is a great little DTH if your manufacturer is not doing anything ‘unique’. But if that didn’t work you almost certainly need a custom one written to understand the device. As folks have already said at this point don’t bother trying to locate or write a new DTH that platform is on iys way out… Instead find out if anyone is interested in writing an edge driver for it.

Ok, understood. Been away for a while, so i didint have knowledge of the new edge drivers. When edge driver possibility comes out, will old DTH still work ?

Not exactly like that.

Edge drivers are in beta now. There are ways tonwrite test and deploy in a limited fashion.

DTHs go away when SmartThings retires the groovy infrastructure (the original whole reason they moved to newapp and upturned the applecart.). Common assumptions generally put that within 12 mo or possibly less.

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