Tuya Zigbee Smart Dimmer Switch


Just wondering if someone has this Tuya Zigbee Smart Dimmer Switch and if it works with Smartthings (Tuya Zigbee Smart Dimmer Switch Remote Control Rotary Dimmer Control Compatiable With Alexa Google Home Assitant|Building Automation| - AliExpress).

Otherwise how hard would it be to add support for it? I’m considering buying it since it’s quite affordable and looks quite pleasing, but I want to work with my Aeotec Smartthings Hub

Tuya devices usually require custom code to work. Tagging @erickv as he’s planning to work on an Edge driver for a different model Tuya knob.

Thanks @philh30

@Raboo After finishing the impementation of the Smart Knob I was thinking to build something for that device, because I’m curious if it supports Zigbee Groups as that would be awesome, and if not, that would be very limiting regarding the integration of SmartThings, since basically it would be DDoSing the hub.

Right now I’m on vacations but as soon as I’m back I’ll send you a PM if anyone else hasn’t addressed the impementation yet =]

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That sounds awesome, great community here!

Hello, any update about the support for this device ?