Bali Motorized Blinds Power Supply Specs

(James) #1

For those who have the power supply, can anyone share the specs on the plug?

I know the motor is 12vdc .8A

Does anyone have them on power distribution panel? Thought about one like they have for CCTV cams.

(Devesh Batra) #2

Somfy makes most of the motors in the Bali shades. You would need an adapter rated at minimum of 2 amp to handle the initial torque

You can find a power distribution panel for somfy online

(James) #3

Thanks! That was my biggest concern was the amperage.

(James) #4

I ended up buying this little power supply for my shades. It works great!

I am powering two big shades with this supply.

I don’t have the micro USB ends so I took the battery case snipped the wires and soldered the ends.

(Zachary Bressler) #5

@barrios35 - did you simply connect that power supply to a wall outlet and then soldered its wires to the micro USB connector from a battery supply pack? And it all worked?

(James) #6

That Mean Well is a direct connect to an electrical gangbox. Think of a 120Vdoorbell connection. It connects right the gangbox then you run the low voltage lines.

Yes, I took the existing battery supply pack, snipped the wires out of the board and used the same existing micro USB. The shade connector was never modified as it still has warranty.

Now for my second floor shades I bought a 8 Channel power. That is simply a mount on the wall , plug in the outlet and then the snip of the battery supply pack. Soder them together, tape them up and tuck away.

Everything is working perfectly. No batteries!

(Zachary Bressler) #7

Would 5 amps be enough? I only have 4 shades so the 8 channel is a bit overboard (and it’s out of stock). So I was looking at this one…

Would that be enough to power the shades?

(James) #8

Ugh, it was in stock when I sent the response yesterday. It also got a lot pricier. I paid 29 bucks for it.

You will have approximately 1.25 amps per channel. It might work since you are only running 4 shades. But I think the min amp requirement was 1.5amps per shade per the outlet below. It is gamble and I think Monoprice might have a great return policy. Also, at least my box, has an adjustable amp gain which allowed for an adjustment.

You could also look at various plug in transformers from old routers. Spliced them in to a micro USB. They have about 12vdc with about 1-1.5 amps. I had some shades on one, testing, and it was a hit or miss because of the lack of amps.

(Eric) #9

I have this power supply. I have 2 shades wired to it. I had one that would struggle to get started so I swapped the 1A fuses for 2A. 2A is the max for this PSU.