Motorized blinds in Europe

Hi to all Smartthings’ers.

I am located in France and I would like to change my manual blinds into motorized. I see a lot of Somfy motors in the shops around Europe. Does anyone know how to make these smart and connect to Smartthings? I would like to control up/down and possibly a 2-way communication. If there’s another brand other than Somfy who has a solution please advise. Most old threads I read is concerning the US market.

Thanks guys!

I have a somfy motorised roller blind in my office!
I don’t have smartthings in my office though. I will have a look at it to see what can be done with it

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Anyone tried this one It looks easy to install.

I live in france too and search, like you, a product to control my blinds.
I have found this

But not actually link to smartthings
Maybe a device handler can be created easily, i don’t know …

Thanks for linking to the aliexpress product!
It looks promising, but we really miss a motor to operate the blinds. The one @ohreally links to does only operate small blinds and shades and not the bigger “volet” or outdoors blinds I’m after.

Maybe I’m missing something here or is it possible you haven’t heard of a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2? You just get a local company to install a traditional electric roller blind, shutter, curtain, shade, make sure it has four wires which it probably does, and install the Fibaro behind the switch, then you can use it with SmartThings, Google Home, Alexa, it’s VERY simple to do.

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Will for instance a Somfy motor be compatible with a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2?

Yes, ANY motor, as long as it has 4 wires. If you look at the Fibaro website it explains it all, Vesternet has some very good info also. It costs like 45 euros, no need for propriety expensive Z-wave solutions, like Somfy offer for example.

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Thank you, sounds great !! Do you know of a motor but less expensive than Somfy since I’ll be driving it off the Fibaro anyhow?