Bali Blinds Specifications

We’re building our new home and will move in in a couple of months. I’m looking at the motorized Bali Blinds for several windows but can’t find any definitive specifications regarding wiring, power supplies, integration, etc. Information on the Bali Blinds website is seriously lacking any helpful information.

For instance…
…is power 120v, or via 12v transformer? Where should the power supply be located?

…is communication via Z-Wave, Zigbee, wifi?

…does this integrate natively with Smartthings?

Electrical rough-in starts next week and this is the time to plan for needed wiring! Any help and comments on actual installation and integration with ST is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Go to ZebraBlinds website. They sell Graber, which are rebranded Springs Window Fasions blinds… Just like Bali. The specs should match. (i also recommend buying from them over a box store, they support their products - firmware, etc.)