Bad News of your Alarm system

Today I contacted SmartThing support via phone and was told some extremely bad news. The questions I asked were.

  1. When will exit and entry delays be added to SHM?
  2. When will Bluetooth be activated?

The answers I received are just rotten news! There will not be exit and entry delays added to SHM and if you want that pay for an alarm through them, or an alarm that will work with ST. This is not what we have been told for months. I was so annoyed after that answer I didn’t even bother to ask about the Bluetooth.

If someone in tech can confirm this info or correct me in any way I will be glad, as of now I feel like I was sold the Brooklyn Bridge.

We had a working alarm system with SA but @Geko stopped developing it. Then we had Rule Machine and that is gone. Now we see the thought behind all this. Have an open platform but make you pay for the services we thought we would have. I put my trust in ST and now feel I wasted a load of money for something that performs some things but leaves the security part cut out.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel like my pocket was picked.

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I don’t think you’ll get accurate responses on that from support.

That being said, I don’t think anyone can say if/when they will do these things. Much has been promised.


Has anyone ever gotten any very accurate info from support.


Are you making a run at me? You want my job here on this community? Eh?


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Here’s a way to get an entry and exit delay for shm.

Create a virtual switch… Exit
Using CoRE create a piston that sets the SHM status to armed/away one minute after the exit switch turns on.

And go from there…


A few ways I do this…

  1. I use centralite keypads mounted outside my front door and inside my garage. This way it can be armed external to the triggers.

  2. I use a minimote in my car that allows me to arm when I depart in my car.

I like @bamarayne 's improvised delay and I think it is a great way to do it depending on your use cases.

That being said, none of these are replacements for integrated SHM entry/exits delays amongst other necessary features and enhancements.

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Wait, support has a phone number now?! I thought it was only email and rarely chat?

They recently added phone support, at least in the US.


This is smartthings… Verb : French - here’s your hub, everything else is work around.


I think you are missing the point! I also have delays, and even have my lights flash and my siren chirp, but these require work arounds and third party apps. SHM should have this included. The point I am trying to get across is that we have been told many times that delays will be added and not added. Bluetooth is in version 2 hub never implemented. As far as I am concerned that is the point and not that we can get these things by cobbling our system. I have been doing building automation for 32 years and if I told a building manager that it would require added software and jury rigging my boss wouldn’t have a business. That is the point. We should have the makings of an alarm as SA was not this junk called SHM! If you disagree fine, but I do feel this has been a line of bull from the start.

Also I have Centralite IRIS keypads mounted in the house as our HOA doesn’t allow for external boxes to waterproof the keypad. Yes there are many ways to create a system, but the more third party apps added the more problems arise.


Nobody disagrees.

Nope, I wasn’t disagreeing at all.

Add a matter of fact, I don’t use the security aspect of ST. It’s a sad excuse for a joke. My Windows have locks and they infinitely more reliable than ST security.

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Sorry if I came off strong, but I want answers and tired of Samsung misdirection. I think that is owed to us. I have a lot of money invested in this platform and it is going down hill. If someone doesn’t put their finger in the dyke all will go down the drain as there are many competing systems. I just don’t understand how Samsung thinks that continuing to misdirect is the way to go. We are treated like school children, and on a need to know basis. Yes these are hard words, and I mean them with no disrespect to the developers as they are given the marching orders they have to follow. But not telling us the truth for months, and I call support and a support agent tells me all I have been tod was lies, then someone needs to come out with the truth. I am hoping this tech doesn’t know what she was talking about, but after all this time I doubt it.

So what kind of bluetooth devices are you trying to connect to smart things?

I did. You have to keep in mind that they are first level of support. Most of our questions are second level that require escalation. That process has been getting a lot better in recent months. Is not perfect, is far away from where it should be but neither is the platform.

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That was meant in a very tongue in cheek way…


What do you have invested in the company, besides time and the hub? Have bought exclusively from them?

I’m not certain this is accurate. We’ve been discussing it for awhile internally but we need to make some deep changes before it can be a reality.

edit: I just confirmed with our Product group that SHM delays are on the roadmap but we haven’t yet started that work. You should expect to see this added around the same time that we add an official keypad (some version of the Centralite one).


August Lock

Satechi Bluetooth button (btw, this one can be made to work with smart things if you have an android phone and use Tasker and sharp tools. But I want to use it without needing an android phone)

Ilumi BR30 floodlight

Topled LED strip

Flux lightbulb (second gen)

Master Smart Padlock

And, of course, IBeacons.



@joelw135 - sent you a DM to discuss. Support agents are often (and kind of intentionally) removed from the product roadmap so as not to reveal secrets.

Fwiw… there was a similar story on west wing - based on real life events - in season 1 episode 11 (