Smart home monitor exit/enter delay

How hard would it be for Samsung to add exit/entry delay?


Hi @Richy,

You can use CoRe rule engine in SmartThings to create a rule to change mode when your presence is gone from the house for a blank period of time.

FYI, you can also increase the Geo-Fencing for your house and it can help you regulate when your house Arms/Disarms. I set mine for 2 blocks away from my house. This way, by the time you get to your door, the alarm is disarmed and vice versa.

What I was looking for was a 30 to 60 second delay because my family forgets that the alarm is armed for stay. They set it off all hours. I was using smart alarm that had a delay and I use big talker to say over the sonos pleases disarm alarm. This worked great up until a couple of days ago. So if there was away for me to make a delay before the alarm goes off. I tried using rule machine but it is way to cunfusing to me. I know it could be done just don’t know how to use rule machine.

Yeh. I do the same for my house. Lol! CoRe is quiet simple compared to RuleMachine. I just switched. Look in the market place for SmartAlarm app. It has delay built in.

Can you link me to CoRe. The smart alarm app has stopped working.

Here you go!

Entry/Exit delays are something on the roadmap as well, but since it will be mass appeal it isn’t just as simple as adding it flat out. Entry delays make sense almost across the board, but exit delays don’t really make sense in a lot of cases. For most, they are already a few minutes away for there home when there presence goes “away”. Without a officially supported keypad (also on the roadmap) exit delays aren’t really mass appeal yet.


How do you change the geo-fencing for your house?

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Hi @red5,


  1. press the hamburger button on the top right of the SmartThings app
  2. press the gear looking button to the right of your house name
  3. you will see a map of your area
  4. tap on the map with you finger
  5. drag the black dot on the border of the circle and save.
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I am confused. Will it be mass appeal or not?

Not all of us use presence sensors to arm SHM.

Why is it a problem to add exit/entry delays? If you think an exit delay doesn’t make sense you can still add an entry delay.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a keypad or not, if you add one in the future then you are already ahead of the game.

Why is there so much resistance to change SHM? It seems obvious to most it is really flawed. If you gave us some real reasons why ST refuses to improve SHM maybe, we would be supportive and understanding.



For what it’s worth, exit delays are pretty doable with a little tweaking. I created a virtual device (switch) called Virtual Alarm (VA). I created a CoRE piston which is triggered by VA being turned on. The piston waits 60 seconds and then calls a follow up. That follow up checks if VA is on. If it is, it sets the alarm status to Arm(Away).

So the end result is as I’m leaving, I can say “Alexa turn on Virtual Alarm.” And, I can go and disable the alarm by turning off Virtual Alarm within 60 second if turning it on.

This doesn’t solve entrance delays / grace periods. And there is no way to disarm the alarm without my phone (which I think is the primary drawback to SHM.)

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My guess is why they aren’t adding exit/entry is because of the paying service with scout alarm.

That doesn’t make sense. First, assume they are getting some of the money paid to Scout - they want as many people to sign up with Scout+ST as possible. Second, search through these forums and you’ll see that entry delays are a super-popular request.

So the entry delays will get done because of Scout.

Not true even a little.

It really comes down to not having a keypad or way to actuate SHM with a physical device. If you are using your phone to manually actuate it, just do it when you are outside.

In this context, without an officially supported keypad, how would you say, “I’m here!”.

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The same way you tell SmartThings to ‘disarm’ SHM. Here is a thought, when an intrusion alert is tripped, a delay is triggered, then a text notification is fired and have an option to text back to cancel if the intrussion was an error**. But for that matter, disarm SHM within a grace period would be great too…and that wouldn’t be too complicated to implement, would it?

** not my idea, this is how Automatic integrated with Nest works. When Automatic is changing Nest mode, you get a text and if you reply back with ‘cancel’, the mode doesn’t change.

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I do see a constant stream of requests for delays for SHM, and there are keypads in use now. I also can’t see why there is a hold up here.


So let say I don’t have my phone with me but have wall mount tablet running Smarttiles. With exit delay. I can arm my house and leave. Otherwise I have to bypass my door. As of now phone presence is extremely unreliable and exit delay would save our sanity. Please reconsider this option for consumer sake.


I don’t really need an entry delay as much as the exit.

I have three people in the house that leave at different times. I use an iPad with smart tiles on the wall next to the door. When the first person leaves they disarm the alarm then re-arm it when they leave. Next person leaves disarm then arm. When it’s time for the last person they disarm leave and let geofence arm it. When anyone comes home than it disarms with geofence so no need fo entry delay.

Not sure if this helps you guys, but my app has entry windows based on presence. However you can’t is SHM… I stopped using it as it was not reliable.

I have a solution for myself if anyone knows how to accomplish this.

I have a z-wave Schlage door lock. If I had an app that would change a mode or a routine when I unlock it problem solved.