Bad News of your Alarm system

Thanks Aron, I answered in the best way I could. I am just frustrated and I understand the process, but we expect some info. I don’t think exit and entry delay is a top secret item. If anything it is a great way to get people that are sitting on the fence deciding on what to buy.

My Smart Blinds is Bluetooth and they decided to go with another provider as Bluetooth was not available on V2. And I am always thinking of things to add, but I stopped until I know where SHM is going.

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How are you so sure that one support person at 1800-samsung even knew what they were talking about?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as frustrated as everyone else that wants entry/exit delays without resorting to in-depth workarounds. But the ST employees that interact with us regularly on this forum have said its on the roadmap, just like they did in this post. Straight up lying to us all repeatedly seems to make far less sense.

Now if the new phone support people are just making stuff up to answer questions when they don’t really know what’s going on? That could be a different problem.

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Hey Joel, just reminded about something.

While you don’t yet have your SHM Delays or Bluetooth.

ST did just deliver SkyBell (@bridaus) integration. So hopefully that is of comfort and consolation. :imp:a

I’m not sure what the fuss is all about. ST never promised entry/exit delays. They said they discussed it, but we know what it means, wink-wink. :wink:

They can’t even deliver the features that have been officially announced by the top-level executives. I’d suggest looking at ST as “what you see is what you get”. Don’t expect anything new in the near term. Instead, we should pray Samsung doesn’t pull the plug.


I can’t say with confidence, but I thought it was a openly communicated roadmap from community authorities.

In any event… I would agree we can’t count on much. MyQ was promised, still not delivered.

But more importantly, while I don’t disagree with OP that delays are necessary part of any alarm, I would be (and AM) more concerned with SHM status accuracy, synchronization between hub/cloud, false alarms, etc that are still causing issues.


Why troll me, I’ve been a good boy and haven’t mentioned how well my system has been running recently in a long time. :wink:

Actually, my Netatmo did have to be re-installed, I had two pistons broken (but hadn’t noticed, they don’t run often), and a routine didn’t run one day. Would have been two minutes to correct, but I had five different SmartApps that used that Netatmo (grr).

After those corrections, been running fine. I can tell the platform is congested if I watch the logs, but it’s not affecting me.


Let’s take him at his word for a moment that it is being talked about and is on the roadmap, requires deep changes and the work hasn’t started yet… For those of us in the software/hardware business, this means 18-24 months out at a minimum.

Here’s to nothing in one hand and you know what in the other and what do you have, nothing but…


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Troll? Never. :slight_smile:

I heard you wanted more Skybell.


I think they did, but that’s my opinion based on no fact whatsoever. Just observation of how much Samsung mentioned ST since the big CES splash. So much that they even pulled the ST app from the Galaxy store.

I stand corrected. The app is back in the store. Was gone last time I checked, though.


Interesting theories.

I wonder if what you mention in the quote is more an over sight, mistake, temporary,etc. Perhaps more importantly is if it was purposeful, why?

If the parent pulls the plug on the child, let’s hope the parent pulls the plug on the leadership first.

Bluetooth probably won’t get past its intentionally short distance limits…devices you can walk up to with a transceiver (like a cellphone) are great with Bluetooth, but not a bunch of devices you have fixed more than 30ft away. Bluetooth creates separate point to point networks for every device instead of allowing massive sharing on the same net with time division and repeaters. So to squeeze more bluetooth into an area, you get 30ft zones…but nothing repeats like in Zigbee/Zwave…so you would need a hub in each zone to talk to a few devices in that location. Hence walking a cell phone as a hub into each zone works great with Bluetooth. But placing a whole bunch of ST hubs all over the house would be complex.

My question… Why do we need entry/exit delays? This system was designed with geolocation in mind. You arrive home and it disarm’s itself. You leave, it arms itself.

It’s a full home customizable automation system…now, if they could just get the automation part to work reliably it would be awesome!


Bluetooth Low Energy is not the same a regular bluetooth.

There is a reason ST included Bluetooth LE in their hub and devices like the August Lock have it.

Of course Zigbee and Zwave compete in that space. There are pros and cons to each.

But, I don’t think your evaluation in anyway eliminates the viability of Bluetooth LE. Not really a good way to try to defend ST anyway.

If I am defending it, then you are attacking it.
I don’t care if you attack them…I was simply explaining how things work.
If I’m wrong don’t bother with the posturing or politics, explain where I’m wrong.

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Ideally, yes, automated. Real world, Entry Exit as an option will always be viable.

Geo-location under ST is very imperfect as it is today and for the forseeable future. Further, even if they do perfect it, we still need entry extit delays for a proper security system. For example - I have a child that leaves their beacon or phone in their room when they went to school. This would prevent an ARM status for a fully automated system. I may need to ARM anyway, and if I want to do so from a panel indoors and not a phone, a delay would be required.


Absolutely great points. I stand corrected.

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That’s a false dichotomy. But it matters not.

I don’t think you’ve explained anything about Bluetooth LE, other than to discount it off hand while lacking appropriate information to do so.

I dunno about for everyone else, but sometimes I leave the house late to walk the dog, and set off the alarm when I forget to disarm before opening the door. With an entry delay, and a notification the alarm’s going to run I could turn off the alarm and actually exit.

Are there other ways to do that? Probably. But entry/exit delays are such a basic feature of security systems as we know them, and it appears to be a frequently requested one.

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Bluetooth LE gives low power devices longer duration in the PAN…it doesn’t give you distance.