[OBSOLETE] Smart Alarm Updates

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Update 05/18/2016:
Please note that Smart Alarm is provided as is and is no longer supported by the developer. Smart Alarm users are advised to switch to Smart Home Monitor (SHM), the native home security application developed and supported by SmartThings.

Update 07/16/2015:
Smart Alarm is now official! It’s available in the Safety & Security section in the SmartThings mobile app.

Hello fellow SmartThings users! I’m pleased to announce Smart Alarm version 2.4.0.


What’s New?

  • Added movement (acceleration) sensors.
  • Improved remote control button handling (Issues #25 and #27). Button numbers are no longer limited to 1…4. You can also use both “Push” and “Hold” button actions.
  • Support “strobe” alarm mode (Issue #28). Alarms can now be turned on in “siren”, “strobe” or “both” modes.
  • Added Sonos support (Issue #30). Smart Alarm now uses “Audio Player” device type instead of “Speech Synthesis” for voice notifications.
  • “Entrance” zones are no longer used. Instead, entry and exit delays can now be disabled for each individual zone.


Smart Alarm version 2.4.0 is not backward compatible with previous versions (2.2.x and below). If you’re upgrading from the previous version, please uninstall it first, then re-install Smart Alarm from the Dashboard. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Very nice…

Have you considered using the Sonos speakers for alarms in addition to just the voice notifications?


I’m not sure how this would work. SmartThings provides a limited number of sounds like “barking dogs”, “light sword”, etc. Otherwise you’d have to host MP3’s somewhere on the web and enter the URL in the smart app.

As I envision it, since you have a ‘consistent’ location on GitHub where you app is located, the application would have some built in ‘alarm’ sound locations that you could publish with the app. There could also be a place where the user could designate their own alarm (as a previously played track) …this could be sound or even a music track and a place to set the volume setting. The user would have to do a bit more set up with playing these sounds first so they are in the recently used song list, but that isn’t too difficult.

While I am by no means a professional coder, I have harvested some of the code from the Sonos apps provided by SmartThings, and either of these options are very viable with just a bit of code.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss this further. I have a Sonos speaker and feel that with these already in place they could be used for this purpose.

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Also, regarding using the Sonos speakers as notification, I did notice that even though there is a delay between a mode change and when the alarm actually arms, the notification comes through immediately at the trigger instead of the delay. I would think it would be delayed and announce when the alarm actually arms.

I was thrilled to learn about your app. But as new person to smartthings, I haven’t a clue how to find your app to download. And I will happily send you a PayPal donation for your efforts on this app. Can you give me instructions on finding and installing your app?

Instructions are located here: https://github.com/statusbits/smartalarm
Scroll down to installation.

@Geko FYI, filed issue #39 on GitHub. https://github.com/statusbits/smartalarm/issues/39 ; “2.4.0 Not saving Entry/Exit Delay or Zone types”

I’m having same issue.

Same problem. “2.4.0 Not saving Entry/Exit Delay or Zone types”

Installation instructions are on the Github: https://github.com/statusbits/smartalarm


  1. Open SmartThings IDE in your web browser and log into your account.
  2. Click on “My SmartApps” in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the green “+ New SmartApp” button on the right.
  4. On the “New SmartApp” page, click the “From Code” tab.
  5. In another browser window, open the Smart Alarm source code.
  6. Copy the Smart Alarm source and paste it into the new app editor window (see Step 4).
  7. Click the blue “Create” button at the button of the page. This will take
    you back to the SmartThings IDE.
  8. Click the “Publish” button above the IDE editor window and select “For Me” in the drop-down list.
  9. If you intend to use SmartAlarm REST API, click the “App Settings” button above the IDE editor window. Otherwise skip to the Step 12.
  10. In the app settings window, scroll down and click on the “OAuth” section, then click the “Enable OAuth in SmartApp” button.
  11. Click the blue “Update” button at the bottom of the page.
  12. Open SmartThings mobile app on iPhone or Android and go to the Dashboard.
  13. Tap on the round “+” button and navigate to “My Apps” section by swiping
    the menu ribbon all the way to the left.
  14. Locate “Smart Alarm” in the list of SmartApps that appears below the menu ribbon and tap to install it.
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Bummer. I’ll look into this.

This is resolved in version 2.4.1. Please update from GitHub.


Thank you for this fix and all you do to support this community.

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I think there is still an issue with entry/exit. I have it disabled for my front door. However the alarm doesn’t go off until it has been open for exactly 30 seconds. Version 2.4.1.

8507554a-7d02-4201-846a-bff0fe5f822a 1:48:49 PM EDT: info Home is DISARMED.
8507554a-7d02-4201-846a-bff0fe5f822a 1:48:43 PM EDT: info Alarm at Home!
Front Door
8507554a-7d02-4201-846a-bff0fe5f822a 1:48:04 PM EDT: info Home: all zones are armed.
8507554a-7d02-4201-846a-bff0fe5f822a 1:47:34 PM EDT: info Home will arm AWAY in 30 seconds.
8507554a-7d02-4201-846a-bff0fe5f822a 1:47:17 PM EDT: info REST API disabled
8507554a-7d02-4201-846a-bff0fe5f822a 1:47:17 PM EDT: info Smart Alarm. Version 2.4.1. Copyright © 2014 Statusbits.com


92f5c059-fe2a-4847-96b2-2ba682c5c8ad 1:48:13 PM EDT: debug Alert: 'Front Door is open', contacts: null, push:true, phone:null
92f5c059-fe2a-4847-96b2-2ba682c5c8ad 1:48:13 PM EDT: trace timeOk = true
92f5c059-fe2a-4847-96b2-2ba682c5c8ad 1:48:13 PM EDT: trace daysOk = true
92f5c059-fe2a-4847-96b2-2ba682c5c8ad 1:48:13 PM EDT: trace modeOk = true
92f5c059-fe2a-4847-96b2-2ba682c5c8ad 1:48:13 PM EDT: trace contactHandler(contact: open), notifyWhen: [Open]

I’ll have a look…

I just updated to the latest version and noticed the Speech synthesis option was replaced by Audio. Problem is it no longer shows my Ubi’s as options. Any chance of getting them added back in or the Speech synthesis option added back in.

Also where can I find 2.2.6 version? That was workin and leaving on Vaca Sun and would like to have the voice working?


I just updated to 2.4.1 but first I made a copy of the 2.2.5 code if that would help.

Sorry, I didn’t realize Ubi does not implement musicPlayer capability. I’ll consider adding speechSynthesis in the future release.

Also where can I find 2.2.6 version?


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Thanks I hacked a way around it for vaca with a virtual switch and ubi lesson but it’s the long way to do it plus I’d have to add 3 more virtual switches and ubi lessons to announce modes.

Always glad when a dev takes user advice,

Have a great day.