SmartHome Monitor unwanted notifications

I am getting phone notifications from the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitor and for the life of me I can’ trace down where they are coming from. Previously I added routines to change the status of the Home Monitor when a phone left or arrived and I used a notification to ensure they were working. But I long since deleted the Notification actions and the wording of these notifications doesn’t look like anything I added.
So, for example…when we both leave the house with our phones I get a notification “All members have left xxxx. Monitor has changed to Armed (away) mode.” And when one of us returns, I get “Iphone has arrived at xxxx. Home Monitor has changed to Disarmed mode”

To be clear, these are the actions I want to happen…I just don’t want to be spammed with phone notifications every time we leave and come back. I tried turning off Home Monitor notifications but then I lose the notifications I really want, e.g. intrusion alarms. Anyone know where I can find/disable these notifications? Thanks in advance

Might be Home Monitor > Settings (cog icon) > Security > Useful features.> Home security management.

Not tried that functionality myself.

Thanks for the input, unfortunately not the solution. Nothing in there to disable a notification (and there should be!). I did notice however, that my routines were redundant to the settings found here. So I disabled my routines that set the Home mode based on us leaving or arriving. Everything still works as I wish, except I’m still getting nagged every time I leave or come home.

Since ST leaves me no option to disable the leaving and arrival notifications in their Home Monitoring setup I decided to use my own routines to accomplish the same thing. So I did that, tested it, all works. So I disabled the Home Monitor settings and presto - no more annoying notifications. Sure would be nice if ST gave you the option to enable/disable these messages.