New Smartthings App notifications

So I just moved everything over to the new smartthings app, they finally added the ability to change smart home monitor, but whenever I add a change when I leave home it adds a notification, even if I don’t have notifications enabled.

It’s driving me crazy because I remove the old automation and make a brand new one, if it has change shm attached to it with presence, it always sends a push notification, not just the new one… every single time I’ve made an automation with SHM attached, even if removed.

See picture attached.

It seems to do that by default for certain location/security scenarios. Despite not showing the notification during automation setup. You should be able to go back to the automations, and see the notification in the “then” section of automation. You can edit the automation and remove the notification. If you remove the notification you won’t get the push notification and it removes the notification in the messages section of the app as well.

Unfortunately if I add back a notification for it…

I get as many as I did… If you look at the picture there was about 17 at the same time. So it’s multiplying them Everytime I have a push notification on it…

I have removed the WHOLE automation and readded it with different things, but when I have push notifications, there’s a ton.

I’ve relegated to removing push notifications all together and I get 1 text from it.

Oh boy, I see what you’re saying now. I thought you didn’t want a push at all and the screenshot was just the one notification. Might be worth a support case. I did a quick peruse through IDE for my location to see if anything would help you identify the issue or a place to cleanup, but no luck. I don’t think the new app uses the IDE, but definitely not an expert on that.

I had a similar issue when I migrated from the Classic App SHM to the new Connect App STHM where I would get multiple notifications about when I left. I kept deleting routines (Classic app) and Automations (new app) to the point where I had no notifications at all for when I was leaving programmed anywhere, but I still kept getting multiple notifications when for when I left. I even looked through the IDE and didn’t see anything that would cause this.

What fixed it for me was that I decided to just delete the SmartThings Presence Sensor ‘device’ from SmartThings and the ‘ghost’ notifications finally stopped. I then re-added the Presence Sensor to SmartThings, and those ‘ghost’ notifications where still gone. So I set back up my Automations (New app) the way I had them in the first place, and I’m now enjoying getting the single notification that I have programmed in SmartThings for when I’ve left.

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