Automation not showing in IOS SmartApp Custom List

I have created a webhook application following the tutorial (Simple SmartApp Example URL: Port: 3000)

The app (APP TEST 1) is Registered (using curl) and Deployed to Test showing the message “This SmartApp is deployed to test. You should be able to see this SmartApp on your SmartThings app once the developer mode is enable” in my Private Workspace

I have other groovy custom SmartApps listed and running on the SmartApp on my IOS devices without issue.

My IOS devices iPad and iPhone have the developer mode turned on. The web hook App (APP TEST 1) does not show in the Add Smart App Custom section. Live logging does not show any events.

Would appreciate your help here.



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I just noticed the same thing. I have had a web hook smart app deployed to test for quite some time and it’s always shown (and is still currently running) in the SmartThings app but it has disappeared. Developer mode is still enabled as well.

Wondering if the latest firmware update caused it?


Thanks, @DDR

We’re still gathering some info to fully document this issue.

I’ll keep you updated if anything comes up.


We were able to reproduce the issue and are investigating.


any update on this one?


I second Mario on this. Any update?

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Did this issue get prioritized high enough? Is the impact to users understood?

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as far as impact on users this is more than severe enough for my company to drop SmartThings altogether and move to another solution…

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We are also experiencing this problem, and it is absolutely devastating as our entire project has hit a brick wall. Smarthings Support, what is the plan here? When my developer inquired about this, you responded to his email by sending a link to this very thread… with zero solution or support offered. We must know soon whether or not to continue with your platform in rolling out our solution.

Any update on this issue? It has been weeks without any update.

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The issue was identified and fixed but requires an app update which take longer than cloud changes to reach production. As much as possible I’ve advocated for a fix ASAP and referenced the frustration in this thread.

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Thanks @Brad_ST ! Appreciate it!

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I’m trying to mess around with the new APIs and doing some discovery efforts on if I want to create a new app. I’m not able to get pass this step. I’m guessing this is still an issue? Is no development on new Community driven SmartApps being done at this point?

Looks like the last time SmartThings was published was Jan25th.

Sit tight then?

I opened a support ticket on December 30, and provided them video proof of this issue. They closed my ticket and pointed me to watch here. Sorry, this problem has not been fixed and released.

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1.6.60 released…STILL NOT FIXED. Can we get some official update on when to expect a fix?

The reply I got was that it’s fixed in their next iOS major release. No idea when that will be done though. Very big shame they didn’t make it a hot-fix.

I went out and picked up an android tablet because I have some free time in the next couple days wanted to play around with the new API. My testing is going well so far.

@Ethayer I cannot make it work on Android either, how did you do it? I have v1.7.60.23 and it still does not show my service on the list. I have developer mode on.

Not sure what you mean by not working, Are you able to confirm ownership of your domain in the dev panel and publish the app to testing? After that, you hold down on “About SmartThings” in the settings menu to reveal the dev mode option. Tick that ON and then you can see development apps in the Add menu in SmartApps.

I’m not using the Node.js SDK they made but I set up all the actions I need via postman (just sending http requests back and forth) and everything is in working order. (except the ability to use it on iOS)

Ok, thank you. it worked.

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I am thrilled to say that with the recently released v1.6.63 this issue should be fixed.