SmartApp not available on mobile app

I deployed a webhook-SmartApp for testing and enabled developer mode in the mobile app, but I don’t see the app available in the mobile device. The app appears to be registered and deployed in the workspace. Any ideas?

Welcome, @bstudtma! Are you working on iOS or Android?

I’m using iOS version 1.6.59-477

I see a few custom apps from classic/IDE, but I don’t see the webhook-smartapp following this documentation:

Also, the app is using x.509 certs and I have registered the domain / callback using a https webhook/endpoint.

I had a similar issue with classic/IDE at one point but found that the app was published on the wrong shard. I’m not sure if the same problem could occur with the new Webhook SmartApp framework.

I’m able to use PAT / API and classic / IDE at this point but haven’t been able to get the newer smartapp to appear.

The webserver is behind NGINX reverse proxy. However, I was able to register and verify the domain, so I’m not sure that’s causing the problem - or why that would cause the smartapp to not appear in the iOS app. I’m not seeing any traffic on the webserver after registering the webhook URL


I see, there’s an open issue for SmartApps not appearing after deployment on iOS devices. Our team is aware of this situation and is working to have it fixed ASAP, you can follow up the status in this post:

I think this problem exists for the android mobile app.
Using the SmartThings API, I created an app (automation, webhook), but it does not show up in the mobile app. Using the api to retrieve a list of apps returns the app having been created.
As an aside, I also noticed that Home Assistant’s SmartThings integration’s SmartApp also does not show up on the android mobile app. It works perfectly though. Again, using the SmartThings api to retrieve a list of apps and installapps shows the Home Assistant apps present.

Hi, @rtorch! I can see my custom apps after the mobile app update. Please, make sure you deployed to test the SmartApp and have the developer mode enabled.

Did you installed the Home Assistant’s app through the Groovy tool?

In regards to the Home Assistant smartapp, no groovy code/IDE is used, just the SmartThings API to create, install the SmartApp using a PAT. See:

If I’m using the api and a PAT to create an app and I send the proper request body by POST to “”, then should the app be visible on my mobile to install? (assuming that I have responded to the CONFIRMATION) Or am I missing something?

No, it won’t. It needs to be deployed and that can only be done from the Developer Workspace.

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