Missing Smartapps

I’m using the IOS smartapp, currently I cannot see any newly added smartapps in the smartapps section on the smartthings app. I can find a device using the smartapp and find it running under that device. Has anyone else been having this issue?

log into the ide and click on locations. Look in your list of smartapps and search fro any that have (Dev) next to them. Go into them and uncheck the dev switch

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Thank you. everything shows up correctly now.

Is this a widespread problem now? I’m seeing more and more posts, but no status page report…




What if your dev is already unchecked and you do not see apps? I’ve had this problem for months now, and each time I get pissed off an send a ticket, I get a different “do this”.

I took a backup of the older apk before the new layout was release for Android. I have this older app installed on my tablet, and it is the only way I can do any configurations on installed SmartApps. It seems to me this is an issue with the newer SmartThings app…and nothing I can do to fix it!

Edit: So I can get my custom apps on my V2 hub using the newer SmartThings app. On my V1 hub, using the newer SmartThings app it still ‘fails to load’ any smartapps. Anyone else on this thread having this issue on V1 hub?