How to automate arm and disarm?


Somebody please help me. It is the second night I am waisting trying to solve this.
I am using the new iOS app, and I want to automate arming and disarming of the smart home monitor when my phone gets into the perimeter of the the geofence.
On the “then” part of the automation I do not have any options to change the state of the smart home monitor. I can change it manually with not issues, but it does not want to work automatically.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

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You can’t with the new app. Only can with classic. Make sure to email support with the request.


I’m on the same boat.
New is now always better :worried:

I have emailed them with the same request. This is a deal breaker for me as makes the whole system pretty useless without it. I will be going back to the classic app

I also contacted customer support. The response was to use the old app for this functionality. Judging by the release dates in the AppStore they usually release every 2-3 weeks and they want to replace the old app completely so I will keep an eye out for new releases.

Classic didn’t work for me. I am using V3 hub and app ST Classic app v. 2.17.0.