Geofencing/Phone Smart Home Monitor Disarm/Arm?

Hello, I’ve been looking around for quite a while and I can’t seem to find any recent explanation of how to get your Smart Home Monitor to disarm and arm when enter and leave the house based on your phone’s location. I found an article from 2016 which shows the geofencing functionality in the smartthings app but that looks nothing like it does not and thoses options just aren’t there. I’ve tried to build myself with the automations and with a separate IFTTT app but the best I can manage is make it turn off the siren or the lamp not change the Smart Home Monitor settings. Can anyone help?

It’s easy to do in a routine in the “smartthings classic” mobile app, but I believe at this time you cannot do it at all in the “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” mobile app.

Quite a few people are using both apps for exactly this reason, hopefully one of them will comment more.


what JD said. But make sure to email support and let them know you want it in the new app.


What @JDRoberts said.

The short version is to create a routine, configuring “Set Smart Home Monitor To” appropriately. Under additional settings, “Automatically perform the routine when Everyone” Leaves/Stays


Thanks I’ve got it set up on the classic app. I notice changing the status in one app has no effect on the other do you know if there is any issue with using them both at the same time?

Yeah I will do, seems crazy to build a new app and leave that functionality out.

SHM in the new app and classic app aren’t connected at all. Two totally separate smartapps.


They released the new app even though it lacks many features of the classic app. Their goal is apparently to add missing features as time goes on.

It made sense to someone at Samsung, evidently, but many of us around here were left scratching our heads in confusion.


Pretty much nothing works in new app.

the stuff that works, works fine for me.

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Does mobile presence work you on v3?

All good for years on v2.

I don’t own a V3 hub, but mobile presence with the new app and my V2 is working fine. mobile presence has nothing to do with hub.

3 yrs plus and mobile presence worked except for some glitches. Perfect now on v2 but no luck on v3. Another thing, I set up the new hub over WiFi, changed routers and support has no clue why I can’t change to my new WiFi which is disabled.

Switched to Ethernet. No luck.

i had to delete my old mobile presence from the classic app and only use the device created by the new app.

Will give it a try…