New SmartThings App and Routines

I am all for moving to a new platform. But am I missing something:

  1. How do i setup Routines. (Good Night, Good Morning, etc.)
  2. How do I automatically arm and disarm my Smart Home Monitor?

Thank you!

Doesn’t support Routines currently

Don’t believe the new app supports Geofencing Arming and Disarming of SHM.

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Routines you need to re-setup between scenes and custom automations. Currently can only arm/disarm SHM based on time.


In new online manual classic routines are scenes in new app.

The new app is still not fully functionally. It is too bad that one has to use the new app to initialize the new hub, wifi, or Connect. And then switch back to the Classic to use all the full function of the home automation.

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I’ve moved all my routines over to virtual momentary buttons that kick off webCoRE pistons.

The new app is horrible. It is missing the following (for me):

  1. inability to rename a device without going into the IDE
  2. no way to auto arm/disarm smarthome
  3. no way to send notification for open/close of a door (currently you have to do each open and close separate for each device. And you have to customize the notification for each one.
  4. No way create routines based on proximity or when the house goes to sleep.

Just horrible given how good the classic app finally got.


I’ve been playing around with the new app for only a day and I had a lot of the same questions or issues as you. Ultimately, I discovered 1 and 4 aren’t true, they just accomplished in a different way. At worst they are unintuitive, at best they are just so different that any user of the old app wouldn’t think of them this way.

  1. To rename devices you’d think there was an edit or settings option in the ••• for the device. Nope! But if you switch to a single room in the devices view, you can edit the room, which allows you to tap any single device and edit the device settings like name, color, etc.

  2. If you don’t have specific presence sensors and want to use your smart phone, you have to turn on the location app usage before you’ll even see how to do this. It’s in Dashboard > ••• > Settings. Turn on location information for your phone. Now you can go to Automation > Home > + > Custom and pick “Based on a member’s location”. Then fill in the options.

Note, you can only change hub “modes” in automations, NOT in scenes. For me this seemed a little odd, since that requires me to make a scene “Good Night” AND also make an automation called “Good Night” which triggers the scene AND changes the mode.

It would be awesome if you could select the Hub as a device in a scene and manipulate the mode. I would furthermore make an option/setting for scenes to have them automatically triggered, which would make the automation rule when you make the scene. There’s till be two things, but at least you wouldn’t have to know to go make one and then go make the other in the specific order.

Oh, for (2) I think once you have location/presence, you’ll be able to arm/disarm the smart home with that, yes?

And for (3) yeah, I don’t like that in general for sensors with boolean states (open/close, on/off, etc) they don’t allow a single automation to handle both states. Some of the old smart apps for the classic app allowed for that and it was very convenient.


Thank you for your response. From what I can see there is no way to disarm and arm the smart home security based on location. For instance…I come home and the security system will auto disarm. Or when things quiet down at night, I arm the system in the arm(stay) mode. The classic app allows me to do the following:

  • when its after 10pm
  • where there is no motion on Motion 1, 2, 3 for 30 minutes
  • when my living room TV is off

Arm the system in the stay mode.

The new app currently only allows auto arming and disarming by time. I still use classic for SHM solely for this reason.

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Hi Timothy,

How did you make an automation “Good Night” that you can run on demand? Is there a way to make it appear as a button on the dashboard, like you could with the old routines?

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a scene can be added to the dashboard

Yeah, make a “scene” that does all the things you want at night. Then make an automation that changes the mode AND triggers the scene.

The caveat here is that if you tap the scene button, it’ll do everything EXCEPT change the mode. That may or may not be important to you - but I haven’t found a workaround since scenes cant change modes. Which seems dumb to me.

You could create a virtual switch, assign it to the scene and then create an automation that when switch turned on change mode

That might be the answer (but wow, what a kludge). Basically I want a button for “Home” and “Away” on my dashboard, which will change the mode to Home and Away. But I don’t see a way to create an automation that is triggered by a button on the dashboard. How do you create a virtual switch?

There is a smart app provided by SmartThings to create them, but it has to be installed through the marketplace in Classic :joy:

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It seems it is not possible to invoke ARMED (STAY) or ARMED (AWAY) in a scene. When adding actions to a scene, only devices can be selected.