Automation to change mode, based on current mode - new app

Hi All,

Using the old app, i used routines to change the mode and set the home monitor to away based on device locations (i.e everyone left). I also have a “babysitter mode”. This is a custom location mode that i set up. “Away” mode will not set and will not arm the alarm if the location mode is set to this mode.

I am in the process of moving to the new app. Using automations, i can change the mode to away. I can base conditions on the current mode, however…it will not let me set a condition on the current mode AND run a scene which changes the mode. The scenes are grayed out and it says “there is a conflict”.

Is what i’m trying to do not possible in the new app> The only other option i can thing of is to create a custom switch called babysitter and then base a condition on this.


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Read posts #62 and 63 in the following thread. They should give you some good ideas on how to proceed.

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Unless something has changed lately, it should be possible to add the mode change to the scene after you’ve created the automation.

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