August Smart Lock Pro Always Added as Z-Wave Switch

Hi all - I wonder if anybody has seen this issue. I tried adding smart lock pro thru Z-wave. Both SmartThings hub and August App were both complaining that each cannot do S2 protocol, hence defaulting to S0 (even if I entered the DSK code correctly). Also even at S0 the device showing was Z-wave switch that does not work.

So whether I tried using the secure setup for S2 or just skipping to go to S0 directly, it does not work and kept showing Z-wave switch (tried more than 20x without luck in showing as z-wave lock even once).

August support thought I have a defective lock, hence sent a replacement with same behavior.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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That almost always means that the specific “fingerprint“ of the device has not been included in the appropriate edge, Driver, so it’s just picking the lowest common denominator Z wave device, which is a switch.

I’m very tired today, so I’ll have to leave it to others to help you with the next steps, but begin by going to the advanced page of the official web interface, and see what fingerprint shows there. The following FAQ explains how to do that:

FAQ: Manufacturer/Model Shows All Zeroes

But the main point is that yes, that happens, most commonly when your specific model has a fingerprint which has not yet been listed in the official edge driver.

Thanks, @JDRoberts for your suggestion!

I followed your shared steps, including getting the lock closer to hub. However, multiple retries yielded the same that is detected as z-wave switch and manufacturer code as all zeroes.

If you or anyone have other ideas or steps for me to try please let me know. I have attached some screenshots for reference.


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Same exact problem.
In fact, mine has been working for 2 yrs, and I tried to refresh it the other day as it wasn’t working when trying to unlock the door remotely.
I deleted and tried to re-add add have the same issue, over and over, as you exactly described.
Would also appreciate some guidance on repairing this!

Since you are still showing zeroes in the fingerprint (the combination of the manufacturer code and the model), the pairing is failing to complete.

At this point the best thing is probably to open an official support ticket. :thinking:

The first person you get will just be a general Samsung employee working from a script who may not know much about smartthings. But persevere, and eventually the ticket should get escalated to a smartthings engineer who can hopefully help.

You can open a ticket through either the email or phone information on the following page

Let us know how it goes!


Not closer to the hub, it needs to be right next to the hub! Either move the hub to the lock or the lock to the hub. Also make sure you have a beaming repeater very close to the lock when you finally get it to pair.

Yes, I literally had the lock sitting few inches away from the the hub with same results. This was done multiple times with instances of reboot of both hub and lock. I even had to factory reset both with same results.

Thermostat and light switch were done similarly (ie right next to hub) with successful results.

Anyway, I had opened a ticket and provided their requested details. Will post anything helpful found here…


Just a quick update on this. I had opened a ticket with Smarthings Support. I was asked and about to reproduce the issue today, but it now works!

I asked them if they did any on my hub and waiting for a response.

Fortunately, I have installed universal z-wave lock driver from RBOY apps a while back. It did not help as well before. I just checked today and looks like I got an updated driver dated 11/24/2023. This may have helped fix my issue as it is the driver used. I’ll update further but may help anyone seeing similar problem…

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I purchased a license for the RBOY drivers, installed the Universal Lock driver onto my hub (SmartThings v3). Driver is listed as available. I try to install my August Lock Pro, but it only gets installed in insecure mode as a generic Z-Wave Switch. I’m unable to change the driver. I’ve excluded it, readded it over a dozen times to no avail, it won’t install as a lock nor will it let me choose the Lock driver. I think I wasted money on the RBOY driver.

He may need to add your fingerprints to the driver.

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The what? Fingerprints?

If it’s not pairing as lock or letting you assign the driver then it’s a problem with the pairing most likely caused by packet loss or it could be an issue with the platform / hub. Use new batteries, reboot the hub and keep the lock close to the repeater device between the hub and the lock. The hub does not buffer so that can cause packet loss.

Fingerprints are the Mfg. Code and model. You can get them from the ST Advanced Web App.

…and if they are all zeroes, it means the device did not pair successfully with the hub! Worth checking that to save yourself a lot of grief.


The hub is only about 8 to 9 feet from the lock. The lock has new batteries. It is a SmartThings v3 hub, recently updated to the latest firmware. Both apps (SmartThings and August) are the latest version for Android. I’ve added and excluded now almost two dozen times and every time it shows as just a generic Z-Wave switch and I’m unable to change the driver. I gave up and just re-linked the August account with SmartThings and have it available in the cloud. I was hoping to have the lock be a local device, but that doesn’t seem possible.

When the device is added, it fails to add securely. I can never get the secure add to work, instead it adds as unsecure. The device fingerprints are all 0s. Over two dozen times, now, I’ve tried.

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Take the time to read this post, it’ll be worth your time: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub? - #2 by RBoy

After reading the above try this: [EDGE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung - #1464 by RBoy

And your lock is still pairing with all 0’s after doing everything in the posts above consider contacting Yale to replacement lock, you z-wave chip may have an issue. Most of the time they will replace it for you at no charge if the chip is defective.

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There are two GE Z-Wave Plus switches two feet from the lock (in the wall beside the door that the lock is on). There is an Inovelli Red Z-Wave switch 5 feet from the lock.

Are they the Z-wave or Z-Wave plus models? The Z-Wave models are known to be problematic and don’t buffer properly causing packet loss and other issues. After powering them down, reboot the hub and do a Z-Wave repair and then try pairing the lock. The issue with the older GE switches is documented on the link above.

Basically if your mesh is in good shape you won’t get 0’s. If you’re getting zero either your mesh is problematic or your locks zwave chip has a problem.

Another tip, use the Scan nearby option when trying to pair the lock instead of the Generic Z-Wave Device option from the SmartThings mobile app.