August Z-Wave Pro S2 Broke

After the batteries died while on vacation, my August Pro (which has been working great for 4 years in Z-Wave S0) factory reset itself. I was forced to rejoin it to the zwave mesh. However, this time around it forced S2 security.

Now, the device won’t properly report back its status to smart things. While it will still lock, and unlock through zwave commands(80% of the time) , it will rarely report its proper stage.

I’ve tried updating, factory resetting, un-joining/rejoining, Z-Wave repair, downgrading and upgrading the firmware… No dice.

Interestingly enough, if I attempt to join the lock without S2 security, it either shows disconnected in smartthings and doesn’t work, or totally breaks all Z-Wave communication.

Anyone have any ideas short of throwing this hunk of junk into the garbage? And if so, any recommendations of Z-Wave/zigbee locks that actually work well in ST?

How far is the lock from the hub? What other S2 joined line powered, beaming capable devices (this is important, S2 needs S2 repeaters, battery powered locks need beaming capable repeaters) exist between the lock and hub?

I have an inovelli red dimmer about 6 inches away from the lock joined by S2. Didn’t seem to help but it was a good idea!

For all who stumble across this. After much fiddling with Home Assistant, I have determined this is definitely a firmware problem. When joined with “S2 Access Control” (which smartthings does by default now) the unlock command will occasionally cause the August Pro to not respond to the zwave network. And will become unresponsive to Bluetooth. If left alone, this will drain the batteries to 0 within hours in this state.

If joined with S0, this doesn’t happen. It operates without issue.

To date, there is no way to force an S0 join on this lock withing SmartThings.

My only real option is to buy a new lock or swap over to Home Assistant to keep the device functional on Z-Wave.

Good luck everyone, and if someone discovers a way to get S0 working again with the August Pro, please post something!




One option is to switch the August Pro lock to wifi and skip z-wave. Works well with ST.

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Are you saying that with S2 and Home Assistant it works fine or just with S2 overall the lock has issues?

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If I wanted a wifi lock, I would have paid 1/2 the price and went that route! :joy:

S2 overall. Same issue seems to apply to ST & HA when joined with S2 Access Control. Operates totally fine in S0

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I would recommend reporting that to August as it sounds like a lock firmware issue. Also using the Scan nearby option used to allow the hub to pair devices with S0 if S2 is unsupported.

Sadly the scan near by option just fails now when joining unsecured.