Art Mode Same Network Error

Hi! I’ve been trying to connect my phone to my frame tv in art mode for weeks. It has worked every day for nearly a year. Now I’m getting this error:

To use this function, turn on The Frame and connect The Frame and your smartphone to the same network.

They are on the same network. I’ve reset my phone, the TV, the network, forgotten my device and deleted/reinstalled the app. Any suggestions?


Try turning off cellular data.

Or use a different device if you have one. I’ve run into this with my cell but never had a problem with my wifi-only iPad, so that’s become my go-to device for art mode.

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I also had this problem…never was able to get the app to accept that the tv and phone were on the same network — but found a different area of the app where I was able to {finally} upload my new images. Instructions below:

I think this, combined with @philh30’s suggestion will work!! Thank you both!

Hello, I’m having the exact same issue. Did you get it to work? I tried turning off cellular data, as well as the other suggestion, but to no avail! Any additional tips would be appreciated.

@S_Jess - I did both of their suggestions and it worked for me. I still can’t add pictures via the Browse button but can through the other way!

Randomly worked for me now…, can’t explain why it works sometimes and not other times.

I am having the same issue. I had also discovered the work around but now that is no longer working either. Tried flipping the breaker so the tv would reset but nothing.

Thanks, that finally worked, all other options did not work (disable cellular, other device, etc)

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I am absolutely sick of this!
Have the same issue.

I’ve been through the (frankly terrible!) Samsung Support 3 times now.

I’ve rebooted the TV twice.

I’ve cleared and installed Smart Things on 3 different devices multiple times.

I simply cannot get to any screen that will allow me to add my photos to my TV.

Tried going the USB route, but that doesn’t work well either as the photos have to be in the right resolution etc. plus no access to the multi-picture mounts etc.

SO annoying!

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Have the same issue, phone and TV are on the same network, tried both workarounds on this topic (turning off mobile network, the other way through “my collection”), both didn’t work…
Help ?

I’ve also got this problem. I used to be able to get it to work sometimes after reducing the number of photos the app could access (iPhone). Now in app I can’t see photos that are on my tv in my collection, nor can I upload anything. Most of the time I get the connect to same network pop up. Sometimes I get photos are wrong format. Often it won’t access my photos. The rest of the TV control works from the app. I’ve done the usual resets, reloads, reboots etc. Very very annoying!

I have this issue as well. I regret buying this Samsung TV. It’s so rubbish

Same issue here, but I cannot follow @BrandiCam advice because the Android version of the Smart things app does not have the close button to dismiss the art preview :slightly_frowning_face:

So disappointing… Everything else works just fine from my phone, just not this.


It worked! The “My Page” section was magically enabled vs being disabled with a “Check Network Connection” message overlayed on it. Mobile data was on at the time, so other than trying repeatedly I’m not sure what exactly made it work, but will update this post if I figure it out.

I’ve just purchased a Frame and was having the same problem, devices on the same network and band. I was using iPad and iPhone - I found that clicking the i next to the Wi-Fi network name and turning off ‘’private Wi-Fi address” fixed the problem.

Same issue for me with multiple Android devices. Finally found a sequence that works consistently. I start by having my phone with both WIFI and cell network active. I open smartthings and select the Samsung Frame TV. Go into art mode and of course the My Album and My Page sections will be greyed out with “check network connection” message. Stay in art mode on your phone and now turn WIFI OFF - your phone will now be using your cellular data. Go up to the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and select “update data” or “Art Mode Settings” and turn the brightness up and down. This will work with your cellular connection. Then turn airplane mode on which will turn off your WIFI. Turn your WIFI back on in Airplane mode and wait a few seconds - you will see the “My Album” populate back to purple and the “My Page become Active”. You may have to select “allow” on the TV when your phone connects back up. Just turning WIFI on and off or turning Data off would not do it for me. It appears to be the process of the Art mode interacting with the 5G cell network and then switching back to WIFI that triggers the system to recognizing its actually on the same network as the TV. Hope this helps


I’m still having this issue. It worked a long time ago but havent tried uploading photos in a while, decided to put up something today but cant even connect my SmartThings App to the The Frame Art Mode settings, it allows me to view the Samsung Art Subscription but won’t let me go into My Selection.

I get an error about my phone and TV have to be on the same Wifi Network, which it is.

Wow Shannon I have no idea how you figured this out but thank you so much! Followed your exact steps and it worked like a charm.

You’re a life saver! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

This one worked ! Shannon, you are the man !