No Art Mode control when connecting to Frame TV

After almost a day of struggling to get my Samsung Frame TV registered to my Samsung account, it finally appeared in the SmartThings app, however with no option to control Art Mode (there should be an option to browse your collection, add new photos, edit mounts, create collages etc.).

I gave up and resorted to plugging a USB drive directly into the OneConnect box. This seemed to unlock something in the app, as the Art Mode options then appeared. But a few hours later, it had gone again - tried plugging in a USB drive again, turning the TV on and off, restarting the app - but couldn’t restore the Art Mode control. This morning, I tried to connect a couple of times - first time nothing, then it came back and an hour later, it’s still there.

Any similar experiences? Any fixes?

TV: Samsung Frame 49" (software version T-KTM2DEUC-1153.3, controller version 2.10.1019)
Phone: iPhone X iOS 12.1, SmartThings app version 1.6.19

Have exactly The same issue.
Happened after i updated the app. Old verspin om old iPad stil works

Any Way to solve iT?

A pretty reliable solution I’ve since found is to go back to the home screen of the SmartThings app (via the ‘<’ in the top left), then immediately connect again to the TV.

This has only failed to work on one occasion, where switching the TV off and on worked.

Thx. Unfortunately didt do the truck for me :grimacing:

Other suggestions maybe?

I have two 2017 65inch Frame TVs. I was able to upload my own images in “Art” mode using the SmartView App. This appears to have stopped working – the SmartView App will no longer connect to my TVs – even though it is able to see them on the network.

Q1 – Should I now be using the SmartThings App to control / upload “Art”, or should I persist with SmartView?

Q2 – If I should now use SmartThings where would I find controls relating to Art Mode?

Any help / guidance appreciated – many thanks.

This forum was created several years ago for customers with the smartthings home automation hub to help other customers.

There’s a different forum which is officially run by Samsung where staff also participates, and they have a whole section for the televisions. So I think you’ll probably get a faster and likely more accurate answer if you ask in the television section there. Might be worth a try at least. :sunglasses:

After technical support from Samsung Norway (or Scandinavia, the service technician was Swedish).
They solved the problem by:

Resetting the Smart Hub.

Just be aware, that this is almost a complete reset of the hole tv and the apps (Apple TV, Netflix, Disney+…) will be logged out.

BUT; I can now upload images from my phone again!

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