Art Mode Same Network Error

Just connect the frame tv to your phone hot spot. Upload your images then change it back to home router network. after you have uploaded your images.

Upload images by connecting the tv to your phone hot spot.

This isn’t working for me. Stopped working a couple months ago.

Samsung Frame 2017

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Latest version of Smartthings app.

Reinstalled Frame and tried all the tricks.

Any other ideas?

Edit:: I have raised a support ticket with Smartthings. Let’s see if they can help.

Hi I tried all methods above but didn’t work. However, I found a way that worked! I want to share my method as I know it can be really frustrating dealing with this issue.

My way only works if you have 5G and 2.4G network. In most cases, you have 5G too if you have 2.4G too

My TV was connected to 5G but the upload pic function no longer worked

Step 1: connect your TV with 2.4G network and then connect your phone with the same 2.4G network

Step 2: now go to your art mode and look at your “my photo”. You should be to change mat of any existing photos.

Step 3: go to your TV and change the network back to 5G . You should be able to control art mode even with different network (TV 5G, phone 2.4G)

Step 4: connect phone to 5G

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