SmartThings crashing when trying to access photos in IOS

After the update the app will try to load the phone’s gallery and fail every time, crashing the app. It won’t let me add any new photo to the frame art mode.
iOS lates version on iPhone 11pro max and iPad Pro.
Is there a way to fix this ??
Screen recording

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Report it to

I have the same issue. Just installed my Samsung Frame TV today and installed the SmartThings App (iPhone 12). When I go into Art Mode and click to select my photos, the app stalls on “processing” and then crashes.

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I have exactly the same issue. The app crashes on my iPhone as soon as I open Art Mode. VERY frustrating. I have tried re-installing the app, but it hasn’t made any difference.

report it using the ST app, go to Menu in the lower right of the screen, select settings (the cog in the upper right of the screen) then choose Help and report a problem. attach logs when prompted, which might assist support to identify the issue

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I’m having the exact same issue. Been trying for 48 hours to fix. Has anybody found a solution yet? Edit: Got a response from Samsung saying it was a known issue they are trying to fix (see attached email below).

Edit Oct 5: still crashing. Was also told to buy an android phone. So annoying. I use this tv almost entirely for the art. Maybe watch tv on it twice a month. Very annoying.

Edit Feb 7 22: still crashing when trying with iPhone. Soooo annoying that the basic feature I bought this for doesn’t work without weird work arounds.

I have been having the same issues when trying to add photos. The app worked prior to uploading and now has rendered the frame tv useless for my purposes. Samsung have replied to my report saying add guard which I have done. This does not seem to work for me. They need to get this fixed without suggesting to use an android phone as a solution.

I’ve had same problem makes tv useless for what we bought it for they need a fix and quick!

I signed up here just to chime in - it’s happening to me too! I was so excited for ym new Samsung Frame TV, particularly about creating collages with multiple images… but smartthings just crashes over and over again.

Tried on an iPhone 12 Max Pro and an iPad Pro but the same on all of them. I’m going to write an email to to pile on the pressure too!

Same here!

New iOS app doesn’t seem to have corrected this other than the app not actually crashing anymore. Still just getting a spinning wheel when trying to access (Apple) Photos library.

One more thing: I have been in contact with Samsung support about this. It’s a known issue (how could it not be…) and in the last mail they suggested that I buy a Samsung/Andriod phone…

Same here with 2021 Frame 65 inch. Just endless spinning wheel. Samsung please fix this soon, otherwise I will have to return this TV. This is one of the biggest advertised features on the Frame and it’s inexcusable to simply tell users to buy an Android phone.

Having this same issue. I did find a workaround while waiting for Samsung to fix this bug.

Force quit the app

Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Scroll down to the SmartThings

Change the Photos permission to Selected Photos

Select photos you want to use.

Re-launch app and your selected photos will be there. (Make sure to select “keep current settings” when you go to photo selection.

Hope this helps! Cheers!


So I actually tried this route a week or so ago and couldn’t get it to work, but given DFleck’s note I tested some more this morning.

For me the workaround mentioned works but only for JPEG images. Most of my iPhone photos are in HEIC format, and will not show even if selected.

Exporting the HEIC photo to JPEG and then re-importing it to the Photos library will let me see it in the selection.

@DFleck Thanks for posting!

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Thank you!!! It worked! What a ridiculous work around, so silly the app doesn’t work, but thank you so much for figuring this out until they get it fixed and sharing it! Much appreciated!

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There is a work around for iPhone users to download their photos to play in Art mode on the Frame tv.
Steps -

  1. Make sure all images are in jpg format - none of HEIC (iPhone format) pdf, RAW or any video or any unique camera brand format will load afaik.

  2. Desirable but not essential to resize the images to 3840 pixels wide x 2160 H - fits the 16:9 screen ratio of the TV better. Make sure all your image editing is done on what ever photo software you use as there is no photo editing possible on the tv.

  3. Then format a usb stick into MS-DOS (fat 32) format - no other format (like Mac OS or ExFat) seems to be readable by the tv. Once formatted correctly, copy the images onto the usb stick, then put tv into Art mode (short press of the on/off button on the remote).

  4. Insert usb into the usb slot in the side of the control box - Art mode should recognise the usb and you can use the down arrow on the remote to go down to My Collection - then slide along to My Photos then to Jump Drive - your photos on the usb should then appear - select the ones you want, copy them to the frame (internal photo memory about 6G I think).

  5. Once your photos are on the frame, you can then - mount them using a range of mattes (borders) - designate some as favourites, play them as a slide show or leave one on screen as wall paper in substitution for the trial artwork image Samsung give you with the tv.

I had no luck getting photos across from my iPhone (13 Max Pro) using Smart Things - I suspect the reason is the iPhone uses an Apple proprietary format for its phone photos called HEIC and the Smart Things app cannot access that file format - that is a guess, but the usb transfer method above has worked consistently well for me - cheers Andrew