Arlo ST Integration - don't want to get Notifications

I have Arlo cameras and a SmartThings V2 hub. I have the cameras integrated with SmartThings, and they are (mostly) working how I’d like. However, if I want to use the Arlo cameras as motion sensors in order to have SmartThings trigger to record video, I MUST enable notifications from Arlo. If I disable notifications, it appears that Arlo doesn’t “notify” SmartThings that there was motion? The issue is when I’m home. SmartThings is setup to not trigger the cameras when I’m home, but I constantly get notifications. I also have some of the cameras outside, so I want those to keep triggering and capturing video, but I don’t want to get notifications…

Is there some way I’m missing that enables SmartThings to tell Arlo to capture video without a notification? I’m using a SmartThings motion sensor in one location to get this functionality, but this isn’t a solution for outdoor where I’m unable to find a weather-proof motion sensor with decent reviews.

What I have done is use Stringify to create flows.
The Arlo cameras stays in disarm mode.
One flow I created is to activate from 12-6am. If there is motion it records a 20s video and not notify me.
I did one also for my outdoor cameras that On motion it records a video also. Works great. I have attached my nighttime flow for you to get an idea

The same 2 Arlos are used as motion sensors and then used to record

I use my Arlo cameras in a custom mode because I have some cross triggering. While I have Arlo in this mode, it still functions as a motion sensor as I have a smartlighting app that triggers an outside light to come on if the nearby camera detects motion after sunset

I also have mine in a custom mode, but if I turn off notifications in Arlo (have it set to Smartthings mode the mode is set to notify, but not record video) SmartThings never registers motion.

I have had the same problem with ST not recording. That’s the reason I set the mode in the app to disarm and use Stringify to use the motion sensors on the arlo to trigger recordings. Works instantly and been running it for months

Not sure I follow. Why would you set it to smartthings mode? Just leave it in your custom mode or ARMED or something not smartthings mode. Motion sensing does still work. You can check your activity log

Because all of the instructions for integrating Arlo cameras with SmartThings start by saying that you need to setup the SmartThings mode in Arlo…

Actually, let me clarify, because I think some terminology got mixed.

I have 3 Arlo wireless cameras and 2 Arlo Qs. Obviously, I only have the Arlo wireless cameras integrated.

I have the Arlo cameras mode in the Arlo software set to SmartThings. As I said before, this is per the instructions for integrating Arlo cameras. I have to have them in some mode besides “disarmed,” and I can’t make a custom code that does nothing. I guess I could have a mode that just sends email notifications and I can throw those notifications in a trash folder, but I’d rather not do that if I don’t have to. I don’t want Arlo to decide when to record video, I want ST to make that decision.

In SmartThings, I have a Custom Smart Home Monitor set to tell all 3 cameras if any of the 3 motion sensors are detected. As I have mentioned multiple times, this only works when I have the mode in Arlo set to SmartThings and Notifications enabled.

It sounds like Stringify is kind of like IFTTT or SmartRules? I’ve had limited success with both, IFTTT is super slow. You’re saying that Stringify is better?

This is from Arlo’s webpage. They seem to verify that, yes, notifications must be enabled for the integration to work. The problem is that they also use the App for notifying me about my Arlo Q activity, so I can’t turn off notifications…

Ah, apparently Stringify integrates directly with Arlo. I will see if this fixes my issues.

I have had months of great use of Stringify/arlo. It’s much quicker than all other solutions I have tested. Like I said I set the arlo app as disarm and my Stringify flow triggers it to record if there is motion from the cameras or from any motion/ door sensors. I posted 2 flows in another post that activates at a certain time of night and another for all my open close contacts. When any my doors open arlo records a 10s video. Give it a shot

Just add your ST devices to Stringify … super simple. With ST and arlo the delay is too much. St. Cloud to arlo cloud and back…believe me it’s was all trial and error for me. I tried IFTTT also and the delay was too much

OK, but what I was saying was that I don’t use smartthings mode in Arlo and it works just fine. You could try it and if it doesn’t work, just switch it back. No harm, no foul

The only time it works for me is if I have the cameras in ST mode or armed.

Yeah, with Stringify I still need to have notifications or emails on. If I disarm the cameras, no videos are captured, even using stringify.

Kevin, here is what I did and it works fine.
I disarm my cams in the app.
“when” is the motion, “then” is to record. record triggers a notification and email to me.

And I’m saying that when I do that I get no recordings.