Arlo motion detection along with ST


I just bought ST and two Arlo pro cams. When I did the integration I found the new Smartthings custom mode in Arlo. In this mode the motion detection is on.

Now when I set disarmed in ST, I am still getting notifications of motion detection from Arlo. I cannot switch off the push notifications, it comes on again by itself in ST mode. Only in this mode the Arlo cams work as motion detectors with ST.
The only way to avoid notifications from Arlo is to disarm it.

If I select Disarm in Arlo, then it will not act as a motion detector, but only as a camera when ST triggers the intrusion.

My requirement is the Arlo should act as a motion detector only when armed in ST. Can you please guide me?


A few things.

When you say armed do you mean switched on. Smartthings doesn’t really have a understanding of armed for arlo since it is the mode of the camera. Smartthings simply sets the camera on or off.

Smartthings will work in any arlo mode. I actually use two different arlo modes based on my Smartthings ADT alarm status. I have a Smartthings Default mode and Smartthings Armed Away mode. Arlo pilot manages which mode I am in based on my ST ADT Panel alarm status mode. The Smartthings Default was the mode created by Smartthings while the second was on I created myself.

You should be able to change the Arlo Smartthings Mode to not send notifications. What you have to remember though is smartthings will change it back if you update the arlo configuration from Smartthings. From withing Smartthings there is no option to manage the push notifications from arlo. So get everything setup the way you want, then go into the arlo management via mobile app or web sight and change the smartthings mode to not send push notifications.

Another option would be to look at a smart app called arlo pilot. It allows some ability to trigger mode changes for the cameras based on various Smartthings activity. I have been using arlo pilot for most of the year and other then a period where the arlo cloud was messed up it has worked well

From the Arlo Devices page if you click on the gear icon for each camera you will notice that each camera has an on/off slider. When the slider is in the On position, the camera will detect motion, record videos and send notifications. When the slider is in the Off position, none of these things will happen. Therefore, you are able to leave the Arlo mode to Armed all the time and control the state of the selected sliders through Smartthings routines or scenes. The advantage of using Smartthings over Arlo in this regard is that you can selectively activate/deactivate which cameras you wish to use for a particular situation and you can group these cameras which is difficult using the Arlo rules.
So, for example you could use the Goodbye routine to activate all the cameras and the I’m Back routine to deactivate all of them. You could use the Good Night routine to activate only the outside cameras. You can also do the same things using Scenes or custom routines to turn on only the outside front cameras or the outside back cameras or if needed to only turn on the indoor cameras. Lots of flexibility here.
For using motion sensors, etc. in Smartthings to record/notify etc. as long as the cameras are active you can create custom rules. For example, if the temperature reading of one of you smart devices goes above a certain level, you can start the nearest camera to begin recording, (or view live), so that you could see if there is fire or smoke in that area. If you can mount smart motion sensors outside out of the weather but slightly out of the range of the camera’s motion sensors you can start the cameras recording to see if any unusual activity is happening that the camera might not initially pick up. This also starts the video earlier which should decrease any delay in the recordings.


There are pros and cons for both having the arlo cloud manage the camera with arlo pilot or smartthings. Just be aware not all control options in the arlo cloud are exposed in smartthings. ie notification settings.

I have the exact same question and, as best as I can tell, none of the replies addressed the OP’s question. To re-iterate, the Arlo cam is mapped in ST, and the mode in the Arlo app is custom. Within the mode motion and sound detection and push notifications are checked (see attached images). You can uncheck them, but there is no way to save the change. In this configuration the Arlo app sends annoying sound and motion push notifications even when ST is disarmed. I would like this to behave exactly as the OP is asking - when the ST mapping is done the Arlo app should issue zero notifications and let ST do this.

From the Arlo web portal, not app, you can de-select notifications, but they return after a bit. The smarththings mode seems to bug out and change the settings at times. I could never narrow it down. It just switched to armed profile in Arlo, set the notification to email only and put in a made up email. That stopped all notifications from Arlo. I then used the SMH monitor to send notifications from Smartthings when SMH was armed. So arm SMH when you leave, you get motion notifications, disarm when you get home, no notifications.

You can turn off notifications if you only manage configuration from the Arlo Cloud. I have had notifications turned off for months. The problem is you are likely doing some config change that then triggers the notifications to come back on.

Sorry for the dumb question but what is SMH?

Generally speaking it refers to the legacy deprecated Smart Home Monitor.

It was replaced with SmartThings Home Monitor or STHM for short.

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