Arlo Camera and Smartthings

Hi all,

Wonder if anybody can help, just bought a couple of Arlo cameras.
Successfully connected to Smartthings and can see the profile in the Arlo App
Trouble is I have to have a notification (email or push) enabled in the Arlo App profile, so I keep getting notifications when I’m in home mode.
I only want notifications when I’m away, and Smarthings to record video

Any ideas



Target is going to have them for $99 later this month.

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Arlo cameras will respond to every movement and record video every time motion is detected. Just integrating the cameras with Smartthings does nothing to remedy this if the cameras are left on in Arlo. The reason for integrating Arlo with Smartthings is to leave the cameras off or disabled in Arlo and using Smartthings as a switch to turn them on depending on the mode you are in. This is accomplished by turning the cameras off, both in Arlo and Smartthings in the Home mode (using the I’m Back routine) and turning them on or enabling them in the Goodbye routine or Away Mode.

Setting all the rules in Arlo and all the routines in Smartthings can take some time as they are quite involved. These are discussed in other posts. I recommend reading about the setups there first and if they don’t help you let me know and I will try to help you.



try this post: UPDATE REQUEST - Have ST Geofence controlling multiple Arlo Cameras

Great thanks will have a look.

Do you need to have the arlo hub for the cameras to work with ST?