Smartthings with Arlo send motion notifications without setting off alarm?

So I have Smartthings nicely integrated with my ArloPro wire free cameras. It great when the alarm is triggered by one of the open close sensors the cameras all start recording. Great.

And also I know and have used the cameras as motions sensors but that triggers the alarm.

What I want to do, if possible, is when the alarm is set to “Armed Away”, I want the alarm only to TRIGGER when an open-closed sensor is tripped. But not when there is motion on camera. Fine, I have that.

However, I want the Arlo cameras(just the outside two cameras only) to MESSAGE me if there is motion but not trigger the full alarm with siren and all that.

I know I can independently set the cameras to notify me when motion is detected without setting off the alarm in the ALRO app, but is there a way to do that in the Smartthings app as well?

The reason I ask is because I really like how I have the smartthings app set up to when I leave my home(geofence) it goes into armed mode and when I return it disarms the alarm.

I can do that also but separately in the Arlo app(geofence) but their geofence sucks. You have to keep it always in geofence mode but I dont want geofend mode when I am home in my geofence because then it would constantly trigger me moving at home.

I’d suggest checking out Arlo pilot. I use it so I can automate my custom modes without having to open my Arlo app. I don’t use smartthings as my mode due to the 5-8 second delay to start recording. But the author has been making a lot of improvements and has been taking requests.

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Any device including cameras that you enter in the security app (SHM) will trigger an intrusion Alert and if you have them set to sound a siren, they will all act the same way. To separate the outside cameras from the inside cameras or to get them to act differently than what SHM does, remove them from SHM and write Custom Rules. That way you can treat the cameras individually or as a group to only send notifications and not trigger an intrusion alert and/or not trigger the siren.


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You should be able to do this in WebCORE - I have multiple Arlos and have mucked around with similar just have not had the time to finalize anything

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Actually the solution was much easier than I thought. I just keep the Arlo cams in app in same mode to simply alert me via text and email for front and rear cameras only. Then if my Smartthings alarm is triggered by contact sensors or indoor cams then I have Smartthings set to record from all Arlo cameras. I did not realize the lag 5-8 second lag @Scott2ya is referring to so definitely want to check out ArloPilot! Also webcore thank you @JohnHoke